Pokemon, Pyramids and Paninis

8 Aug

Monday night we celebrated my nephew Jack’s birthday with a Pokemon Panini Party. It was very exciting because the “cousins” were in town from Idaho. Happy Birthday Jack! My Mom is the world’s best panini maker — she even had three panini grills in her kitchen for us to make our sandwiches so that we could all eat at the same time. Amazing!

(just to let you know — this is a picture I found in cyberspace — I forgot to take a picture of the actual paninis — but, take my word on it, they were beautiful and delicious!)

Roast Beef and Apricot Panini

8 slices of Roasted Garlic bread
4 oz. roast beef, sliced
Apricot-Jalapeño jelly
Swiss Cheese
Red Onion
Olive oil

Preheat panini machine.

Drizzle tops of 4 slices of bread with olive oil. Place oil side down on panini machine. Layer with apricot-jalapeño jelly, roast beef, red onion, cucumber and swiss cheese. Drizzle top pieces with olive oil and place on top of sandwiches. Close panini machine and cook 2 to 3 minutes until brown and cheese is melted.

Mmm, Mmmm, delicious! The paninis were accompanied by a delicious salad and then a marvelous chocolate-butterscotch-brownie trifle.

After all of that eating, we were inspired to create a human pyramid — maybe we were trying to channel our inner cheerleaders? Here are our results:

As you can see, the youngest kids are having a wonderful time 🙂

Oh, no — disaster strikes!

That idea lasted approximately 3 minutes — but we did document the effort. What a fun party!

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