Is This For Real?

9 Aug

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this week my sister, mom and I have been going to our “Parade of Homes”. Today we spent most of the day touring different homes. This was the wildest one we found. It’s a really cute home, and doesn’t look that imposing on the outside, but on the inside…

My favorite parts were the guest bedroom:

Isn’t that a cool little private balcony?

The backyard has a puting green (this is the view through the balcony off the master bedroom):

The laundry room has an area for crafts:

Then on to the basement. This is the main “hanging out” area with a walk out door to the backyard and a big screen t.v. and a fireplace:

Basement kitchen:

Of course every basement needs it’s own Theater Room:

On one end of the main room in the basement is a two-story playhouse:

On the other end of the main room in the basement is a special “Pirate Room” complete with full-scale pirate ship, crows nest, and rope bridge:

Then you go around the pirate ship and there is a “groto” with stairs to a even lower level in the basement where under the pirate ship there is a jacuzzi with a t.v. above it and then to the right of the jacuzzi are clear doors that lead to a basketball court!

Crazy, but fun to see! Have a great day!!! I am on my way to Idaho tomorrow and will post while on vacation about life in the country. Bye!

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