Birthday Balloons

14 Sep

Happy Birthday Dad! Today we celebrate your life and remember all of the wonderful times we had together. Some of the things I am remembering today are:

  • Long car trips across the country in our old station wagon playing barbies in the back
  • You pushing the old metal lawn mower on Benjamin Avenue
  • Going to visit your work with you at UpJohn Co.
  • The little chicks and bunnies you brought home to us from work
  • Backpacking in the mountains
  • Fishing in Arnold
  • Your wonderful, huge pumpkins that you loved to grow
  • Spending hours at the kitchen table while you explained complicated math to me
  • Taking long, Sunday afternoon car trips around the Amish country
  • Raking huge piles of leaves on Midvale Terrace and then jumping in them with you
  • Playing board games up at the cabin
  • Doing last-minute Christmas shopping with you on Christmas Eve
  • Going for long hikes up in the woods by your Alamo house
  • Going skiing with you in Kalamazoo and accidentally hitting a deer on the way home
  • Getting advice from you when I had to make a hard decision
  • Driving lessons on the freeway in New York
  • Christmas morning in Connecticut
  • Swimming in the pool with you in Saratoga
  • Seeing you wrestle with the grandkids
  • Snorkeling in the ocean
  • Camping out with the kids in your backyard in the big canvas tent
  • Your unconditional support and love.

We miss you Dad and you will forever be in our hearts.

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