The Simple Woman’s Daybook….

10 Feb

{I know I posted today, but I have really enjoyed taking part in the Simple Woman’s Daybook. It lets me journal and sort out my thoughts for the week. So I can look back on my life at this point and remember what it was really like.}

The Simple Woman’s Daybook for February 9th, 2009

For today, February 9th, 2009 …

Outside My Window… It started raining this morning and the rain turned to snow as the morning turned to afternoon. The mountains look so beautiful as the clouds hover at the top.

I am thinking… I am gearing up for the big Gently Used Boutique (everything is free) which is on Wednesday night. On Saturday we collected items from the area. Tomorrow we are going to go through the donations and sort them into sizes and categories. I hope it will be really helpful to people. We are trying to follow the guidelines of Reuse, Recycle and Renew. There are so many people who might need items for their families, so it makes sense to swap things as a community. I will let you know how it goes and share the pictures.

I am thankful for… My family. We went over to my mom’s yesterday and made Valentine cards and had a wonderful dinner. My kids seem to be doing better this week. Hannah only cried a little before school started today. Hayley and I are communicating better and Nick also seems happier. Ella has started a music class with a little friend. She went to her class this morning. It was so wonderful to see her singing and trying out the different instruments. She really enjoys it. Tomorrow she has preschool and she seems to really enjoy her school too. I am so thankful that my children are healthy and happy.

Also, thanks to Wenderful for a fantastic Christmas present of a blog redesign. Mikaela of Fresh Designs did a wonderful job. If you want a new look for your blog, go check her out. Thanks Kaela!

From the kitchen… Jeff is out of town this week, so not too much excitement is happening in the kitchen. I did make some cookies last week – chocolate chip pumpkin. I think I will make some fajita tacos tomorrow night – we love Mexican food!

I am wearing… Jeans, boots and a sweatshirt. But I am soon going to get into my PJ’s and get ready for bed. My two oldest kids have had to be at school for band/choir practices early each morning for the past two weeks and it is wiping me out!!!

I am creating… I finished the storage project for Ella’s room – finally. I am kind of hesitating to share it with you because I’ve been talking about it for so long. I don’t know why it took me so long to get it done. I think it will be a good organizing place for Ella’s toys. I will post about it on Friday. I am also going to start my giveaway on Friday for the little hanging embellished plaque. Thanks for your kind comments!

I am going… to work on the boutique tomorrow and Wednesday. And do my regular things like drive the preschool carpool, take the kids to the orthodontist, work over at the school, post office, grocery store. I am excited to go to my sister’s baby shower at the end of the month. She is having a little boy. It will be so fun to spend time with her.

I am reading… I am reading a really good book about a wedding dress maker in Paris right now. So far I really like it!

I am hoping… I am hoping the boutique goes well this week. I am also hoping to see my oldest friend Chrissy maybe this week or next. She is very busy wit h her job and cute family.

I am hearing… Not much. The kids are in bed. I was listening to Nick and Hayley laughing together in the basement and that made my heart happy. It is so nice to hear them talking and having a good time together. Jeff called from California and he is going to dinner with my sister and her husband tomorrow night. So that will be fun!

Around the house… I spent the day cleaning out my closets for the Gently Used Boutique. I think I have 6 bags of clothes, coats and household items to donate. It feels good to go through things and declutter. I hope they will go to people who need them and make someone elses life a little better.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Ella came home from school on Thursday and fell asleep. Trixie came and laid by her the entire time. They are good little friends!

Thanks for stopping by!
I am really enjoying getting to know you!
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