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Mod Podge Mania

31 Mar

Xazmin at This is The Year is having a Mod Podge Party today. Now you know I love myself some Mod Podge – it’s miraculous stuff! I can’t wait to see all of the projects and get more Mod Podge inspiration!


  • These are the bulletin boards in my office. I cut pieces of scrapbook paper to fit around the frames and then decoupaged it on. Kind of funky and fun.

  • These are some unfinished storage containers I bought at IKEA. I spray painted them off-white and then decoupaged scrapbook paper over the front and added little picture frames and wheels.

  • These are some jumbo paper clips that I sell in my etsy store. I decoupaged scrapbook paper on the front and added little embellishments to give them charm.

  • These are some paper mache eggs that I decoupaged scrapbook paper onto for a fun little arrangement in my family room. ( I was inspired on this one by The Nester)

I’m sure there are some other Mod Podge projects around here, but those are my entries for this party. Another project I’m considering if decoupaging my BAR STOOLS. Is that crazzzzy???


Go on over to Xazmin’s place to join in the Mod Podge Party or just see the fun projects that people have done!

Have a super day!

Friend Makin’ Mondays: 10 Things I Love!

30 Mar

It’s Friend Makin’ Monday again over at Kasey’s. Today we are sharing 10 things that we can’t live without!


1. Good jeans. I love to get a good deal, but when it comes to jeans, I will spend the money to get ones that make me look as good as possible. Plus, I’m tall and it’s hard to find ones with a long enough inseam. (And my sister owns a great boutique) So my favorites are: Citizens of Humanity, Paige Premium Denim and Seven for Mankind. If you treat them well, they will last many years!

2. Super Skinny Serum. My hair is dry and naturally kind of frizzy, so this product is a must have. It keeps my hair shiny and smooths it out.3. Loreal Color Juice. I know I’ve talked about this lip gloss before, but it is great. I love the color and the shine.

4. American Eagle sweatshirts. I love these sweatshirts. They are warm and so soft!5.I love the grilled pre-cooked chicken breasts that you can buy. I get the big size ones from Costco. It’s such a time saver. You can whip up a healthy dinner in no time flat with them. I like to add them to soup, stir fry or pasta dishes. For a 5 minute meal using them, click here.

6.Spot Shot. I love this stuff! It seriously gets out anything in carpet. It’s a life saver.
7. Magic Erasers. These are magical. I have gotten so many crazy stains out with these things, inlcuding permanent sharpie markers.

8. Vaseline Intensive gradual tanner. I am pasty white, this tanner goes on like lotion. It doesn’t smell funky or rub off on my clothes or sheets. It gives me a natural glow.
9. J. Crew capri sandals. I bought a pair last year. I wore them all summer long. They are so cute. The metallic sheen looks so good with a tan. I noticed that Target has a knock-off that is very similar right now.
10. Patterened tights. There are so many fun patterns out there. It really adds interest and fun to a basic skirt.

Thanks for dropping by! Go on over to Kasey’s and join in the fun.

I can’t wait to see what’s on your list!


Welcome baby Hudson!

30 Mar

My sister Ashley had her baby while we were in Idaho! She went into labor about a week early. She had contractions for about 20 hours and wasn’t progressing, so had a c-section. The doctor was so surprised when the baby came out at 9 pounds 4 ounces! What a big, cute baby! I am so happy that both mom and baby are doing well!


We had a wonderful time visiting my sister Wenderful and her wonderful family! Some of the uniquely Idahoan experiences we had:

{Visited a local hatchery to see about buying baby chicks}

{Poured over dozens of chicken coop plans to find the perfect one}

{Walked down the road to see some lamas}

{Went to a 100 year old movie theater}
{admission was $2, and all snacks were $1}

{Tried making Bakerella’s cake pops}

{they were harder than they look!}
{relaxed}{the little kids jumped around in the back yard}

{while the bigger kids played the Twilight piano music}
{And celebrated Erik’s birthday and baptism – congratulations!}

I hope you all had a super weekend too!

Creative Fridays: Decoupaged Eggs

26 Mar

I’ve probably told you about my Mod Podge addiction. I have mod podged all sorts of things all over my house. Well, the other day, I was looking at blogs and saw this from Nesting Place.

{How cute!}

Now, I need some Easter decorations! I got my box out and there was hardly anything in it. Did I donate some things I didn’t mean to donate??? So this project was perfect for me!


I found some paper mache eggs and some scrapbook paper that matches my family room. Some of the eggs I cut strips of paper and decoupaged it on the eggs. Some of the eggs I tore pieces from the paper and attached them.

**Note: Because I used scrapbook paper, not tissue paper, it was harder to apply because the paper is so much thicker, I found it easier to get the paper pieces wet first so the paper was more pliable.

And voila – a little Easter centerpiece!
{Ella just had to sneak in the shot!}
Have a Fantastic Friday
Sorry this post is so early, I am leaving out of town to see Wenderful

( I think she said something about building a chicken coop???)
and wanted to post this before I left.
Have a super weekend!

Family Motto: Part 2

26 Mar
This is what is hanging on my wall right now.
But I think this might be even better!
{From Jenny’s Bakeshop on etsy}
Isn’t it great?
(It fits right in with my cupcake obsession…)

Have a Terrific Thursday!


Extreme Makeover: Me Edition Week 1

25 Mar

Hi there! Remember last week how my friend Amber was putting together a bunch of gals to motivate us to get healthier??? Once a week we are going to check in with each other and talk about how we are doing.


So this is my plan:

  • Exercise every day (elliptical or walking)
  • 200 sit ups each night
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day
  • Eat healthier meals
  • Healthier snacks

This week I did pretty well on the exercising. I was reading some blogs today and I read one from Carrie of Carrie’s Little World. She was talking about this workout video that she and her daughter do called 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. Well, Carrie’s lost 5 pounds in the last 10 days! So – I ordered it. She does it with her daughter – I thought that was a great idea. I’m trying to tone things up.

It’s coming tomorrow, so I will let you know how it goes!

This week, we are sharing low-fat snacks that we love. I love to buy those non-fat pudding cups. I put them in the freezer and then when I want a snack I eat one. They are delicious frozen and because it’s frozen it takes longer to eat – think really creamy ice cream!

If you want to lose weight or get toned up before Summer hits, head on over to Ambers and link up to join the Extreme Makeover: Me Edition group. It’s going to be awesome! And before you know it, you’ll be wearing one of these around:

Have a Super Day!

Favorite Thing Wednesdays: Twilight Party!!!

25 Mar
We had our Twilight Party Saturday night.
It was so fun!

(I saw a take on this centerpiece at this blog)


  • Twilight Edward figure (thanks Jeff!)
  • Twilight posters
  • Twilight books on the mantle
  • We printed Twilight pictures off the internet and hung them around the room
  • Made a centerpiece out of a big tree branch that we spray painted white
  • Decorated the tree with apple die cuts (but apple ornaments would be cute too)
  • Printed out pictures of the Cullen family and put them in black frames
  • Used various heart decorations
  • Found red and black candies and put them around the room in bowls (black licorice, red hots, hot tamale candies)
  • We played the movie soundtrack while everyone came in


  • Vampire Bite cupcakes
  • Chocolate cupcakes with purple sprinkles
  • Water bottles with Twilight labels
  • Veggie tray (because the Cullens are “vegetarians”)
  • Apple slices with caramel dipping sauce
  • Homemade popcorn with red hots (in individual bags)
  • Red licorice ropes

We also had a hard Twilight game (let me know if you would like a copy) and a prize for the winner. We also had a booby prize for the person who got the least amount right.

{Jeff’s aunt won the booby prize!}

This is my friend who did the party with me. (isn’t she cute?)
She made the fabulous cupcakes.
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
PS – UPDATE: A wonderful blog called Maggie’s Dinner Dates is featuring the party on her blog. She has the funnest entertaining ideas. You should go over and see all of her great ideas. Thanks so much!!!

Trendy Tuesdays: Spring Dresses

23 Mar

Last week I was so excited about the Spring-like weather. I worked out in my yard. I wore capris for the first time this year! Then Monday I woke up to snow. By the end of the day we had accumulated 10 inches…


So to make myself happier, I started thinking about warm weather and Easter dresses! Here are my favorite picks from etsy: (I wish they came in my size!)

{Amy Butler Lotus dress from Butterfly Baby Place}

{French Belle dress from Lil Miss Muffin}

{Courtney Twirl dress by Charity 5 on etsy}

{Bird and Linen dress by Layette}

{Retro Storybook dress by Lover Dovers Clothing}

{Spring Bloom flounce dress by Bug N Belle}

{Blossom Dots dress by Apricots and Lollipops}

{Organic dress by Red Pajamas}

You can pair the dress with these adorable Easter baskets:
{Paisley and Pomegranate Easter basket by Sprinkle Me Happy}
{Carnival Bloom Easter basket by Sprinkle Me Happy }
And pair them with these shoes by Eleven. So cute!
{Eleven Anya shoes — they’re on sale!}

{Eleven Pixie shoes — they’re on sale too!}

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Friend Makin’ Mondays: My Thankful List!

23 Mar
Today on Friend Makin’ Monday, we are reflecting on things we are thankful for. There are so many things I am thankful for!1. These guys. What a wonderful little family I have. My husband is so funny and sweet. He is always bringing me little gifts, notes and telling me how much I mean to him. I am so lucky to be his wife. My kids are each so unique and wonderful in their own ways. I am so lucky to be their mom.

2. My faith. When life seems hard and unfair, it helps me see the bigger picture. It makes me appreciate all that I have and cherish the blessings in my life.

3. Great in-laws. Have I ever mentioned that they live 6 houses down our street?

4. My mom. She lives close too. She moved here after the death of my dad. We love spending time with her!

5. Cousins. My kids love their cousins. They can’t wait to see them and I hope they will always stay close to each other.

6. Our health. It is such a blessing. Something to never take for granted!!!

7. Our home. It is a happy place. I so enjoy making it a beautiful and welcoming place.

8. Friends that love me and accept me no matter what!

9. New additions to our family. My youngest sister is due to have her baby any day. I can’t wait to see his sweet little face!

10. And – blogging! Thanks for being such great blogging friends!


Go on over to Kasey’s and sign up for Friend Makin’ Monday!
It’s fun to get to know you!!!

Don’t miss the Party Train!

22 Mar

I love blogging.
I think the reason I love it so much is that I have met so many wonderful people. So when I heard there was a big blog party going on, I went over to take a look. There are more than 1,000 bloggers signed up at 5 Minute For Mom’s. This is a great way to meet new people and they also have hundred of prizes they are giving away! So go on over and check out the Ultimate Blog Party!

Here are the list of what I would love to win!
{#71 Matching mother/daughter flip flops from Top It Off!}
{#76 A free lunch box from Lollipop Papers! }
(And you know we need one of those around here…)

(INTL #*8 Hair styling tool from My Hair Styling Tools}
(my flat iron is hanging on by a thread)

{USC 44 — Saavy Girl Candy Apple Bracelet}
{USC 45 — Eleven’s Laura shoes from Wishing Penny}
{#4 This cute whale t-shirt from Tottiebean!}

{#16 $20 gift certificate to Ladybug Limited!}
{#38 A $30 gift certificate to Chesapeake Ribbons}
{#52 A $25 gift certificate to Juju beane boutique.}

Did you have a good weekend?
We had our Twilight Party – it was lots of fun!
I will post all about it this week!!!