Wood floors: the laminate vs. real wood debate

15 May

As you might know, in November we finally got new carpet – replacing very ugly, fugly white, speckled, stained horribleness. We debated whether to re-carpet the office or go another direction. Jeff’s office is directly to the left of the front door and gets a lot of foot traffic. You wouldn’t believe how horrible that carpet looked! No matter how many times I got out the trusty steam vac, those stains were there to stay. So the thought of putting new carpet in there only to have it get ruined in a short time made me sad.


We decided wood would be nice. But what color wood? The cabinets are a light maple (not my choice) and I didn’t want to match that color. So we made a million trips down to the trusty Home Depot. We brought dozens of samples home and laid them out around the room. Another dilemma: laminate or real wood floors? Laminate would be indestructible, but would they be believeable? And real wood would look great, but would it hold up to kids running in and out, Jeff’s work and a puppy?


A month or so ago I went on Thrifty Decor Chick’s website (love Sarah’s blog – she is the master of moldings and beadboard). She had posted about this very subject. “Perfect!” I thought. I anxiously scanned all of the comments trying to find the perfect solution to our flooring dilemma. It seemed like a virtual tie.


One more trip down to Home Depot and I was tired of the whole thing. I picked one and hoped it would work out – the fact that it was on sale was the final selling point. Now it’s in and I have to say — I LOVE IT!



The floor we went with is: Home Depot: Home Legend, hand-scrapped walnut. In the end we just liked the look of real wood and with the sales price, it was almost the same as doing laminate. It’s a click-lock floor so it just snaps together. I wish I could do my office/craft room in it too!


So my next question to you is: what would you put under the chair to protect the floor? I want to put a rug – but what color??

Have a Fun Friday!

PS — See those ugly, fugly gold doorknobs? Those are on the short list to get a makeover. I’ve had the materials for a few months, but haven’t had the time to fix them. Maybe next week!

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