Extreme Makeover: Beauty Tips/Tricks

3 Jun

It’s that time again: Extreme Makeover: Me Edition. This week I have been doing really well – I have been walking/running in the morning for an hour each day. I am starting to feel really strong. I also feel like I have more energy during the day. I still am down 3 pounds from where I started, and that is fine. I have noticed more toning in my arms and in my abs. I also noticed that my pants are fitting looser – so yay! I still need to download some good workout music to my ipod. Go on over to Amber’s and join in the fun!

This week’s question:

What’s your favorite beauty secret?

  • Sunscreen: I am a big believer. I use Neutrogena 45 sunscreen. I really like Neutrogena because it doesn’t make my face break out. I wear it year-round. And I put it on in the morning when I go walking even though I wash it off later and have to reapply it again after my shower.

  • I know other people have said this, but I love tank tops. The kind I buy are from a store called Charlotte-Russe. They are very light-weight and stretchy. They smooth evrything out and give me coverage for when I am bending over and my top hikes up over my pants.

  • Makeup Primer. I love this stuff. It smooths your skin out and mattifies your skin.

  • Mineral makeup. I think this is so much more natural than liquid makeup. And you can apply layers of it when you need a little more coverage.

  • Sunless tanner. This is great stuff. For me, using so much SPF, I don’t get very much of a tan. But if I have to go to the pool I feel so much better with some color. If you need some color fast, this stuff has bronzer AND self-tanner. The bronzer gives you an INSTANT tan so you can see it immediately. And it doesn’t rub off on everything.

  • Shine happy. I have EXTREMELY dry hair. No matter how much I condition it, nothing matters. This is a clear coat that is like dye, but without any color. It just gives your hair shine. It lasts about 6 weeks.
Have a wonderful day!

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