Mod Podge Mania: Decoupage Jewelry

30 Jun

It’s Mod Podge Mania over at Xazmin’s today. How could I pass up the opportunity to make something using my favorite medium? I have been thinking for awhile of ways to make jewelry using Mod Podge. After some experimenting, here is what I came up with.

I made two different kinds of beads. I had some bead napkins rings that I found at Target a while ago for .25 each. I had been saving them thinking they would make cute beads for jewelry. I decided to try to decoupage them. It ended up being pretty messy and tricky. First, I cut small strips of paper and then I let the paper soak for a few minutes in a bowl of water. To make these you really need to get messy. I applied the Mod Podge with my fingers. Then I wound each strip of paper around the bead until the entire bead was covered. I then let each bead dry out on wax paper. Once all of the beads were dry, I applied a really thick coat of Shiny Mod Podge so they would be glossy. Once THAT coat of Mod Podge was dry, I then had to find the holes which I had covered over. I used the small end of a pair of pliers and estimated where the holes would be. It worked out pretty well. A way to make this project easier would be to use printed tissue paper which is much thinner and perfectly round wooden beads.

The second type of bead I made was a cylinder. This type was much easier.
First I cut out different strips of scrapbook paper in different widths. Then I took a wooden shish kabob skewer and wound each strip around tightly. At the end of the strip I attached the paper with good glue (I use E9000). Once all of the paper was wound into beads, I gave them all a good coat of mod podge all over. Then I threaded them onto the skewer and let them dry.

They were fun to make. Go over and see all of the fun Mod Podge ideas and project’s at Xazmin’s!

Have a wonderful day!

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