SImple Woman’s Daybook for June 29, 2009

30 Jun

FOR TODAY, June 29th, 2009 …

  • Outside My Window…It’s very late, and I really should be in bed. I just finished working on a project in my craft room and thought I would check on some blogs before I went to bed…
  • I am thinking…About friends. I was able to spend some time with my friend Susan, who is battling breast cancer. She is such a sweet, wonderful, talented person. And today I met my friend Chrissy to giver her a birthday gift. She means the world to me. And when we were in Portland I was able to have dinner with my friend Jill. Jill and I reconnected through Facebook after 15 years of not being in touch.
  • I am thankful for…My kids. I was able to take my two oldest children to BYU for some camps today. My son Nick is going to something called EFY (Especially For Youth) which is a church camp for kids 14-18. And my daughter Hayley is also at BYU at a lacross camp. They are able to stay on campus in dorms and hopefully meet some other kids while they are up there. It was fun to take them to BYU and drive around the campus where Jeff and I met. It has changed alot in some ways, but the dorms are virtually the same as they were.
  • From the kitchen…Jeff barbequed some whole chickens tonight and they were so tasty and moist. It was a very good experiment.
  • I am wearing…I am still in my clothes that I have worn all day. I really need to get in my PJ’s and go to bed!
  • creating…I finished a fun project for Xazmin’s Mod Podge Mania tomorrow. I think it turned out really well. I am really thankful for this blog because it makes me get some of these projects done that I keep putting off!
  • I am going…I am excited to get up in the morning and going walking down in the wilderness area. It is my new thing that I have been doing this summer. It is so beautiful and I love thinking about my day as I see such beautiful scenery. I am going to take my camera with me tomorrow so I can get some shots of the mountains where I walk. They are so green and beautiful right now since we have had so much rain this year.
  • I am reading…I just finished a fascinating book called Mistress of the Sun by Sandra Galland. I love historical fiction, and this one is based on a real person who lived in the time of Louis the Fourteenth – in France.
  • I am hoping…I need to get my house ready for my sister and her family who are coming to spend the 4th of July with us.
  • I am hearing…My fridge is being so loud! I don’t know what is wrong with it, but it is making a buzzing sound. For as expensive as it was, I am not impressed with how loud it has been. The ice maker is very noisy!
  • Around the house…I finally got all of the laundry done from our trip. I think I did about 20 loads.
  • One of my favorite things…I love blogging and I am sorry that I haven’t been better about commenting lately. First with our trip and then trying to get caught up with things after. So if I haven’t been over to see you, I will be soon!
  • A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week..I am going to try to get my house ready for company. Plus my yard. There are a ton of weeds that I need to pull. So maybe I can do that soon. I am going to take my little girls to the pool tomorrow. They are very excited about that! And of course, 4th of July. We have a really fun community parade in our neighborhood every year. It starts off with a big pancake breakfast and then the parade. Anyone can be in it. So my kids love that. They love decorating their bikes and scooters and throwing candy to the people watching. My sister and her family will be with us and then my other sister and her husband a little baby Hudson will be coming out and staying with my mom. It will be fun to have all of the cousins together!

To see more Simple Woman’s Daybook entries, go on over to Grandmother Wren’s . And don’t forget Mod Podge Mania is tomorrow at Xazmin’s – it should be really fun!

Have a wonderful week and a Super 4th!

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