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Creative Fridays: Pimpify your Profile Pic

30 Jul

I just stumbled upon this site the other day. It is so simple to use. You can take any picture and turn it into art. Here’s what they say:

Anyone can be an artist

BeFunky Photo Effects allow everyday people to easily create photographically rich and artistic results from their digital images without the need for any technical knowledge. These “one-click” photo effect options produce desired results effortlessly and each effect comes with the option to make simple adjustments.

So I experimented with some of the effects. I think it’s an awesome way to spiff up a profile picture.{Here’s my boring profile picture}
{now with the Warholizer}
{this is the Charcola effect}
{I really like this one: Sunburst}
{I think this is my favorite one of all: Cartoonizer}

There are also different effects that you can add to your picture like frames, graphics, shapes and text. All in all — a fun and easy way to do something different to your pictures. Also, it’s FREE!

And thanks to everyone who has entered my Blogoversary Giveaway! If you would like to enter, click HERE. It ends Tuesday night.

Have a Fantastic Friday!

My First Blogoversary: Favorite Things Giveaway

29 Jul

It’s been a year since I started this blog. I started it on a whim one day last summer as I was feeling down. I wanted a place to record my thoughts, feelings and hopes. That day I never could have imagined what this blogging world would give to me: so much inspiration, ideas, advice and most of all wonderful friendships. I have met the most amazing, strong, supportive, kind and wonderful friends through our blogs. I love you all!

And so to celebrate, I have compiled a few of my favorite things to give away!

First of all, my favorite book, Gone With The Wind. I love this book. I read it for the first time when I was 15 and have read it since many, many times.

Also, my favorite lip gloss. Guaranteed to add some shine and pizazz to your day.

My favorite primer/makeup. This is a great product. A primer you can use under your makeup or alone as clear makeup. Smooths everything out.
And finally, one of my new resin metal pendants, custom made with YOUR initial.

To enter my giveaway, leave me a comment on this post. If you want another entry:

  • Become a follower. I would love to get to know you! All of my followers will automatically get entered.
  • And you can get one more entry by blogging or tweeting about my giveaway – just leave me another comment telling me that you did.

This giveaway will end in one week: Tuesday, August 4th at midnight EST.

Thank you for your friendship over this past year. It means so much to me!
PS – You don’t have to have a blog to win!!! Just leave me a comment with an email address or some way to get in touch with you if you win.

Simple Woman’s Daybook for July 27, 2009

27 Jul

FOR TODAY, July 27th, 2009 …

  • Outside My Window…It is hot and sunny. I just got back from the pool with my youngest daughter and her little friend. Out neighbor is out of town for a couple of weeks and said that we can use their pool – yay! So nice and refreshing.
  • I am thinking…Of my friend Susan. I was thinking about Susan and her family all weekend – hoping that things were improving. Jeff talked to Elden (her husband) today and things are not good. He is having a hard time (understandably) and feeling overwhelmed with all of the details of things. She is sleeping about 22 hours a day and when she is awake she isn’t very aware of her surroundings. It is all so heartbreaking.
  • I am thankful for…I am so thankful for my belief that there is a life after this life. It is so hard to see someone who is so good go through such a horrific time, at such a young age and with young children. It would be so unbearable to me if I didn’t know that she and her family will be reunited again. That there is a plan.
  • From the kitchen…It has been so hot. I haven’t been very motivated to make much in the kitchen lately. We have been grilling a lot and having salads and fresh fruit. I love my garden. It is so nice to go out and get some fresh lettuce for the salad or some fresh herbs. I am waiting anxiously for my tomatoes to get ripe. I LOVE fresh tomatoes!
  • I am wearing…A t-shirt and a skirt. I have found that skirts are so much cooler in the summer.
  • I am creating…I am still working on my resin projects. I am getting ready to make a fresh batch of necklaces. I am still perfecting the resin timing to get it just right. But it is really fun to experiment!
  • I am going…I am going to go a few places to finish getting the things for my Blogoversary: Favorite Things Giveaway. It is going to be so fun. Here is a sneak peek at something that is going to be in the giveaway:

This is a wonderful product. It’s a face primer and clear makeup. Very cool stuff!

  • I am reading…
  • I am reading Something Dangerous by Penny Vincenzi. It’s a sequel to No Angel. They are family saga historical fiction books set in England from the 1900 through the 1970’s. It covers the first and second world wars shown through the eyes of a hugely entertaining family that runs a publishing empire in Britian.
  • I am hearing…The sounds of my children playing. My 10 year old daughter is off in Idaho visiting her cousins. She is having a fabulous time, but I am missing her so much. This is the longest time that she has ever been away. So the house is a little quieter here without her.

(photo by Wenderful: isn’t she talented???)
  • Around the house…I found the cutest birdcage wall hangings when I was at TJ Maxx last week. They were such a great deal. I couldn’t pass them up. I am trying to decide where to put them. I think they would be cute on the same wall, the larger one slightly higher and than the other. What do you think?

  • One of my favorite things…Is spending time with my kids. It’s so nice in the summer when they are at home to do special things with them that we are too busy to do during the school year. I love summer!
  • A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…I have been doing my trail each morning. I am still loving it. On Wednesday we are having a little group of women meet and walk the trail together. When we are half way done we are going to stop and have muffins and juice. I think it will be really fun!

Here is picture thought I am sharing… Last night after dinner we went up the canyon to escape the heat and go on a little hike. We came across this dry creekbed. The kids had a great time looking at all of the different rocks and imagining where they came from.

Have a wonderful Monday!


Goodbye Cricket – we miss you already!

24 Jul

My son Nick’s friend Cricket has been in town from Vermont for the past week. We had a wonderful time spending time with her and showing her some sights.

Thank you all for your sweet comments and prayers for my friend Susan. Yesterday was my blogoversary, but with concern about Susan and her family, I didn’t feel like celebrating. I am putting together some of my FAVORITE THINGS for my giveaway. I will let you know about it on Monday.

Have a wonderful Weekend and appreciate every moment!

So worried

22 Jul

I’ve had my friend Susan constantly on my mind for a few days. Remember the Seattle trip we took in June? Jeff rode in the LiveStrong bike ride for Team Fatty in honor of Susan. And when we got back we were able to go visit with Elden and Susan and show her the pictures from the ride. She was unable to walk and was on oxygen, but she was alert and seemed like her normal self. It was so nice to talk to her. We talked about our hobbies: we both love to make jewelry. We talked about our kids, movies we liked, she even shared her list of favorite books that she downloads for her Kindle. We reminisced about old times, places we used to go when we were both young married couples, before we had kids.
It turned out that 2 days later she began having unbelievable pain and was confined to her bed. Then for a few days she seemed a little better and was able to be carried into the family room. Now she is in constant pain so her husband had hospice put in a morphine drip. She has been hallucinating and having horrible dreams. She doesn’t recognize her friends or family much of the time.


It breaks my heart that she and her family are going through this horrible time right now. She has four young children, including twin girls. I feel like crying all the time, not knowing how to help.


I would appreciate it so much if you would keep Susan and her family in your prayers. Thank you.


Creative Fridays: Making pendants out of metal label holders

21 Jul

Hello Tip Junkie readers! I am so excited to be featured with my metal label holder pendants. How did I come up with this idea? I have been experimenting with resin jewelry for awhile. I was at the craft store getting more supplies for my resin project, when I and saw some metal label holders in the scrapbooking section — my imagination started to whirl. Could I use make those metal label holders into pendants? After some experimentation here’s what I came up with:

Now, the trick to resin is precise measuring. I finally broke down and purchased some plastic measuring cups in the craft store. This made my life a lot easier.

If you want to make this project, this is what you need:

  • metal label holders {in the scrapbook section}
  • heavy cardboard to use on the back of the pendant. Note: I actually improved upon this by buying sheets of thin metal which I cut with metal shears for the back of the pendants.
  • good glue. I found some called super goop and it is supposed to hold FOREVER
  • mod podge {of course!}
  • scrapbook paper
  • some little embellishments. I found mine in the scrapbook and bead sections. Or if you want to do initials you need some initial rub on letters, stickers or you can print them off from your computer. I also used a vintage button – so maybe little things you already have lying around your house.
  • resin {you can find this in the adhesive section of your craft store} along with popsicle sticks and a disposible paint brush.
  • resin activator {this is a small bottle located next to the resin that makes the resin get hard when combined}
  • jump rings {I found these in the jewelery making section of the craft store}
  • chain to hang your pendant
  • lobster clasp or toggle to finish your chain off

Here are the steps to make the pendants:

  1. Cut out the scrapbook paper that you have picked out to be the background. It needs to be slightly bigger than the opening in the label holder.
  2. Apply 2 coats of mod podge to the scrapbook paper. This protects the paper and keeps it from running when you apply the resin later.
  3. Cut out a peice of cardboard the same size as the scrapbook paper. This will be the back of your pendant. Note: I now use thing metal sheets to make the backs. It’s much more durable and looks better than the cardboard.
  4. Using your glue, attach the scrapbook paper to the cardboard.
  5. Turn the label holder over and run a thin line of glue around the edges of the opening. Then lay your cardboard or metal backing so the scrapbook paper is facing your work surface. Let dry completely.
  6. After your backing is attached to the label holder and is completely dry, assemble all of the pieces that you are going to put inside of the frame. You want to have everything ready because you won’t have much time once your resin is wet and needs to be poured.
  7. Take everything outside. The resin is very toxic and you need ventilation. Cover your work surface with newspaper, covered with wax paper. Lay everything out.
  8. Mix your resin. This is the tricky part. Follow the directions on the back of your resin bottle. Use the disposible measuring cups.
  9. Once mixed, pour the resin on to the label holder pendants. I use a disposible paint brush. Start at the outside of the frame and work your way in so that all of the surface is evenly covered. If the resin starts getting sticky, stop! You want it to be smooth and runny. When it gets clumpy then your pendant will not be smooth.
Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you are having a super day!

FMM: Vacations!!!

20 Jul

It’s Monday and time for FMM {Friend Makin’ Mondays}, thought up by the darling Kasey from All That Is Good. And while Kasey is on an awesome vacation, she has asked Jolanthe from No Ordinary Moments to come up with today’s FMM theme. It’s a great one: Vacations!

Today task ~ VACATIONS!!

This task has two parts {numbered ever-so-nicely for you}. You can do either one or both ~ it’s up to you! 1. Tell us about the best {or worst} vacation that you’ve ever taken. 2. Tell us FIVE places/vacations that you would like to take at some point your life. It doesn’t have to be next year…maybe it’s the vacation of a lifetime or somewhere you just dream of going years from now. Well, I would say that my favorite vacation so far has been to Hawaii. Of course Jeff and I went for our anniversary last year — without the kids! So that one was wonderful, just the two of us, peaceful and very relaxing!The other one was also a vacation to Hawaii taken about 7 years ago. It was with my extended family: my dad arranged it and it ended up being the last family vacation we took before he got sick and was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. So it has very powerful, wonderful memories of spending time with him. He was such a vibrant, fun-loving, wonderful father.And finally, about four years ago we went on a vacation to Disneyland with Jeff’s extended family. We all stayed in the same hotel. It was so fun!


For the second part of the task: places that I would love to visit, it is so hard for me to come up with a list — there are so many places that I would love to visit.

  • Europe! I would love to go to France, see the Eiffel Tower and explore the french countryside. I think it would so fun to spend a month and paint the countryside.
  • Italy. I took Latin in high school and loved learning the history of that country. I also love reading book set in Roman times. So I would love to see all of the iconic Italian sites like the Colisium and the Pantheon.
  • Australia. It sounds so beautiful.
  • Fiji. The name just sounds so cool!
So go on over to No Ordinary Moments and join in the fun!
Also, I spent last week experimenting with resin jewelry and came up with a really fun project!
I will post about it tomorrow!