Hannah’s Home!

4 Aug

Hannah has been visiting Wenderful’s farm in Idaho for almost TWO weeks! I have missed her so much. The longest she has ever been away from home (until now) has been overnight at her Grandma’s house. She gets invited to “sleep over” parties and asks to come home at 10 because she wants to sleep in her own bed. So going away for this long, for her, has been HUGE.

She and Trixie, our King Charles Spaniel are best buddies. Trixie has cried every day that Hannah has been gone. And when Hannah would call each night she would ask me to put the phone up to Trixie’s ear so she could talk to her.While she was in Idaho, Hannah made friends with “slobbermouth” a calf that grazes in my sister’s backyard. {photo by Wenderful}
They became fast friends. Hannah would love slobbermouth to come and live at our house! I had to explain that our yard is not nearly big enough for a cow and I don’t think the neighbors would appreciate that scenario.{photo by Wenderful}
So happy you’re home Sweet Hannah!

PS – My Favorite Things Blogoversary giveaway ends tonight at midnight. Thanks to everyone who came by to say hi! There is still time to enter!

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