Trendy Tuesdays: Pumpkin Topiary

29 Sep
I was at Michael’s Craft Store over the weekend picking up supplies for another project, when I spied these white pumpkins. They were on sale – 40% off.  I saw white pumpkins on some blogs and really liked the look. Manuela at Pleasure of Home put a crown on hers and I loved it. So I came home and scrounged through my craft supplies and found some ribbon, paint, stickers, an old dowel and some spray paint and voila — a new pumpkin topiary.
This is a 15 minute project. If you want to make one, here is the tutorial:
  • 3 pumpkins in 3 different sizes
  • some stickers
  • a 3 foot long wooden dowel (you can find them at any hardware store)
  • off-white spray paint
  • some medium-width ribbon
  • black paint
  • some glue dots or a glue gun
  • Gorilla Glue Epoxy
  1.  Spray paint your wooden dowel and let it dry.
  2. Take the largest pumpkin and paint large circles over it in a random pattern. Let dry.
  3.  Take the two smaller sized pumpkins and apply your stickers to the center front side of each.
  4. Once your dowel is dry, stick it into your pot deep enough so that it is securely anchored.
  5. Take a large knife and cut a hole in the top and bottom of your largest pumpkin. The hole should be just big enough for the dowel to fit through.
  6. Slide the pumpkin down the dowel so it sits at the bottom.
  7. Do the same thing to the middle sized pumpkin.
  8. Cut a hole at the bottom only — of the smallest pumpkin. This hole needs to be very tight — make it small.
  9. Push the top of the dowel through the small hole of the smallest pumpkin.
  10. Apply a small dab of Gorilla Glue Epoxy where the pumpkin and the dowel touch to secure the pumpkins to the dowel. Let dry.
  11. Wrap ribbon around the middle of the biggest pumpkin and secure using glue dots or a glue gun.
  12. Cut 3 lengths of ribbon that are long enough to wrap around the wood dowel. Secure the ribbon to the dowel using glue dots or a glue gun.
And you have your self a new pumpkin topiary!
Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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