Pottery Barn – inspired Number Pillows & a Giveaway!!

18 Jan

I have admired these pillows from Pottery Barn for a while, plus I love numbers. So I thought it would be fun to try to make something similar. Of course I changed it up a little…
I bought my fabric at Hobby Lobby and decided to try canvas because I thought they would hold up really well out of that material.
I made the stencils in Microsoft Word by using Bodoni 1200 point. I couldn’t get it to fit on a regular 8 x 12 sheet of paper, so I cut a piece of 12 x 12 cardstock to 8 1/2 x 12 and ran it through my printer using the “legal size” setting.
Then I cut the number out using an exacto knife. To stencil the number on my canvas, I taped the stencil down around the edges and used double-sided sticky tape underneath.(I added a little more curve to the ball on the number 2 so it would look more like the PB number 2).

I took the stencils off the canvas and then went over it again with a small paint brush. I used fabric paint so I can wash the pillow covers.

I made envelope-style covers. The pillows covers are 18 inches wide, so the front covers are 18 inches square. For the back, it is two pieces of material 18 inches in height and 22 inches in length so they overlap each other by 4 inches.

Then I thought it would be fun to add a little zip by adding ric rack to the edges of the pillow. I bought large ric rack at Joanne’s (they sell it by the yard). Each pillow took a little less than 2 yards. The first thing I did was sew the ric rack on the top of the number fabric. This holds it in place so it is even. You must start the ric rack off of the material (because it frays and this way the end part is in the seam).

Then I took the back of the pillow (which I made envelope style), I put that back section on face down, then pinned it to the front panel. Then I turned it over so I could see the stitching I had just done and I sewed right over that seam. Thanks Mom for letting me come over and helping me figure out the ric rack!
I turned it inside out and voila — I had a pillow cover.
For two of the pillows I used a coordinating fabric on the back instead of the plain canvas. I am going to experiment with my Cricut, because I think I can figure out a way to make a stencil of the other side with the definitions.
I also made a number 4 pillow, but ran out of ric rack, so I will show you that one when it is done — just keeping it real!
I am trying to decide where I want to put them. I think they are kind of fun and instead of paying $30 for each, I paid ($5 for material, $1 for fabric paint, $6 for ric rack) $12 for all four pillows!

(here’s the back on one…)

And now the giveaway! I love to read. Especially in the winter, it’s nice to curl up with a good book when it’s cold outside. This is a really funny, wonderful book called Love Finds You In Hershey, Pennsylvania.I love that the main character is a chef! Here’s what it’s about!

Chef Sadie Spencer has learned that in life, as well as in food, sour balances sweet. After returning to her deliciously charming hometown of Hershey with a young daughter in tow, Sadie has managed to rise from the ashes following the death of her husband, the passing of her mother, and the dissolution of her career as a TV chef. With the help and encouragement of her best friend, Jasper, she opens a restaurant and looks forward to savoring the sweet side of life. That is, until a handsome Russian entrepreneur arrives in town, apparently intent on opening up his own restaurant in direct competition to hers. Sadie becomes obsessed with honing the one skill she’s never had – creating desserts – to keep up with her adversary, and in the process, she finds a love that’s simply icing on the cake.

Here’s the book trailer:
And, this is Cerella’s first book. Here is some information about her!

Cerella D. Sechrist makes her home in southern Pennsylvania, under an hour’s drive from the sweet life in Hershey. Growing up, her family annually celebrated an event called “Cookie Baking Day” where everyone gathered to bake over 80-dozen cookies, including one of their specialties: Peanut Blossoms topped with a Hershey’s kiss. It therefore stands to reason that her love of desserts is a genetic inheritance and not to be taken lightly. When dieting, she consoles herself with midnight viewings of the Food Network.

 Learn more about Cerella and her writing at www.cerelladsechrist.com And here is the link  to purchase the book:

This sponsored giveaway from the author — the winner will recieve an autographed copy of of her  really entertaining book AND a handmade bookmark!
  • All you need to do to be entered is leave me a comment on this post. 
  • If you would like another chance to win, blog or twitter about the giveaway and then come back and leave me another comment.
I am also linking up to Kimba’s DIY Day

and Today’s Creative Blog — Get Your Craft On!
Have a Wonderful Day!


GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED — come back on Monday for a new one!

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