Dinner Dilemmas: Part 2 — It’s ON!

5 Apr
Thanks to everyone who commented on my Dinner Dilemma post last week!
It was so amazing to read your comments. 
There were so many great ideas and suggestions that I thought it might be helpful to compile them here. 
I mean, I can’t be the only mom who struggles with this, right?

And, while I’m on the subject of “Keeping it Real”, I didn’t implement the Dinner Nanny menu last week. Jeff was out of town and I was lazy. But it’s ON this week!


Here’s some great tips you shared:

  • Some of you use one day as a food prep day. By buying meat and veggies in bulk and then freezing the meat in individual meal portions. Keeping the veggies in the fridge ready to use
  • Another great idea was to make a  jar of conversation starters. It makes for some interesting conversations.
  •  How about making a  big pot of sauce on the weekend and using it for a few different recipes during the week?
  •  Make pizza toppings bags to freeze.
  •  Some of you are big planners. Many commenters make a menu once a week and shop once. 
  •  A couple of people planned things out for 2 weeks.
  •  One commenter plans a month at a time and does a big shopping trip. 
  • And one commenter cooks once every three months and then just pulls out whatever is on the menu. She makes 80 meals at once. WOW!
  •  Food calendars were another great idea.
  •  Crockpots. What would we do without them? 
  • One commenter has 30 different Crockpot dinner meals that she put together and rotates through! She also has a 3-month supply all of the non-preishable ingredients on hand for those meals.
  • Another idea is Sat or Sun cook 3-5 meals to put in the fridge. Then just pop them in the oven when you need them.
  • I also had some other idea for theme nights:  crockpot/soup, salad/sandwiches nights.
  •  Did you know this? At Sams club in the Deli (where you buy a pizza or a hotdog in the front of the store) you can buy a box of frozen PREMADE pizza crusts. They are about $2 a piece and you get a huge box. I am going to check this out!

Sundays are the day when I meet with the family to decide on the menu for the week. So I thought it might be a fun theme to post about once a week where we can share ideas on making meal times easier. And since you guys are so much more knowledgeable than me on great meal ideas, I thought I would make a linky where you can share any related posts that have done that people would find helpful.

And, I also have started a BlogFrog community where we can share ideas. Right now I have the question — What is Your Favorite Easy Meal to Make? If you have time, will you go over to my sidebar and put in yours? I might be helpful for people stopping by!

Thanks – I can’t wait to hear more of YOUR great dinnertime ideas! Link up your recipes, time saving ideas and dinnertime-related posts.

And, the winner of the Emmie Kate Sterling Silver Mother’s Bracelet is:
Congratulations! Send me your contact information!

I have a fun new giveaway starting in the morning!

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