Some Hot News — tons of giveaways coming up!

29 Apr
Things are a little out of control in my Tatertots world right now — but in a good way! 

I wanted to update you about some things that are coming up really soon!
I am teaming up with, BlogFrog and Hoosier Homemade, The Thrifty Mama, Faithful Provisions, Balancing Beauty and Bedlam and The Happy Housewife for:
A Mother’s Day Extravaganza! 
Thursday, May 6th

There will be THOUSANDS $$$ of prizes 


  • An ALL-DAY Spa Package!!
  • THREE Months of FREE Housecleaning!
  • Flowers sent to THREE of your Favorite Moms on Mother’s Day!
  • Two $50 Gift Certificates to
  • T-shirts and other prizes
  • TEN Free Blog Frog PREMIUM Memberships ($60/each)

Plus each of the blogs are going to be giving away prizes EVERY HOUR.
So — that’s more than 60 prizes!

{If you have an etsy shop or business and would like to donate something and be spotlighted that day, shoot me an email — it will get you a lot of exposure. If I get enough giveaways, I will run the giveaways through the weekend!!!}

Some of the prizes that I have to give away here at Tatertots are:

  • Flirty Aprons
  • Scentsy Packages
  • Boutique Items
  • Photography Session and Clothing Giveaway
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories
  • And much more!!!

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The next day, Friday May 7th is the DIY Club’s Debut challenge. 

So get your projects ready!!! 

There are wonderful prizes there too! Including:

  • A year’s worth of Gorilla Glue, 
  • A year’s worth of Deco Art Supplies 
  • A year’s worth of DISChangers
  • $50 gift certificate for a beautiful clock by Craftify It
  • A $50 gift certificate to Southern Living At Home!!!

That’s over $200 worth of prizes for the winner!!

Click HERE for all the details on how to enter!

Royalty Clock

Then on Monday, May 10th is  
celebrating the announcement of something that has been in the works for over 6 months! 

It is really exciting and will be tons of fun — I promise!!!
I’m so excited – I can barely contain myself!!!

So Mark your calendars — you don’t want to miss out on these giveaways/prizes!!

Thursday, May 6thMother’s Day Extravaganza!
Friday, May 7thDIY Club link up!
Monday, May 10thA Week of Giveaways and Big Announcement!

Whew! And when that’s over I’m taking a really long nap – lol!

Have a great night!

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