What To Do With Mismatched Silverware: Part II

29 Apr
Here’s another project you can do with mismatched silverware. Remember last month when I made this wreath flower out of old spoons?
I was wondering what else I could make out of mismatched silverware. And since it’s Spring I thought it would be fun to make some 
garden markers.
I also made a little Spring saying to go in a pot on my kitchen table.
“Oh Come, Gentle Spring.”
And I thought — why not make some magnets out of old silverware to go on the magnet board in my kitchen?
Or maybe a little saying or decoration for a present or birthday plant?
I put an ad in my local Freecycle for old silverware. But you can also find bins of mismatched silverware at your local thrift store. Mine had bins with silverware for 25 cents each!
So, if you want to make any of these projects with your mismatched silverware, this is what I did:
I took my silverware and used a hard surface (the concrete in my backyard — with a cutting board on top) and pounded it as hard as I could with a hammer to flatten the forks and spoons. Depending on what the spoon is made out of, it might take a few swings or several dozen.
After my silverware was flat, I took it to my workbench and stamped it. I found my stamps on ebay — the size I used was 1/4 inch — but you can buy the stamps in all sorts of sizes. I practiced first on a piece of left over sheet metal. It’s good to practice for awhile, to get the spacing figured out. But I like the imperfect look, it adds character.
I used a sharpie and marked off the places I wanted to put the letters by putting a little dot on that space. The way that I found worked best was to hit it with one hard strike. I found that if I did several, the stamp moved a little and the letters were blurry. 
After the letters were all stamped, I filled in the spaces with black Sharpie marker. Then I filed it off with a nail file. The Sharpie will stay in the grooves of the stamp, making the word easier to read.
After I finished this project, I discovered a couple other great tutorials with fun silverware:
Beckie @ Infarrantly Creative made a fantastic 

And Manuela @ The Pleasures of Homemaking also has a 

So be sure to check those out too!

If you’ve made anything out of old silverware, let me know and I will feature it!

I just found out that Country Living did a feature on this recently, I really need to get a subscription to that magazine 🙂 

Have a Happy Night!

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