Spring Project: Make a Bench out of an old Crib

25 May
Have you seen those cute headboard benches? I have been wanting to make one for awhile now. The other day I went to lunch with a couple blogging friends — Tausha from Sassy Style and Shelley from House of Smiths.
{I stole this off of Shelley’s blog }
So much fun! Afterward we hit a cute thrift store and then the salvage yard!
Sitting right in front was this antique crib front. I thought it would make a great oversized chair to go on my porch!
This is what I did to make my new oversized chair/bench:
1. I started off with my peeling, dirty old crib front. I washed it down and sanded the whole thing.
2. Then I measured the width of the crib — 30 inches. I cut two long boards from Home Depot to that length. I decided to make the width of the bench 18 inches so it’s pretty deep. You can make a bench anywhere from 16 to 20 inches — depending on how you want it to look. Then I cut the two sideboards 17 inches in length (you’ll see why in a minute).
I added some Gorilla Glue Wood Glue to the edges that touched and then screwed them together.
3. Then I cut the boards for the top of the seat. I cut them 18 inches in length so that there would be a 1-inch hang over on the front of the seat. I also used wood glue on the underside of the boards before I hammered them onto the frame.
4. For the legs of the bench, I bought two sturdy chair legs from Home Depot. They have an end that has a screw on it. Then I bought some metal leg attachers — the leg screws right into the metal piece. I added an extra block of wood underneath to add more stability. Then I screwed that attachment into the bottom of the seat at the front two corners. The other legs of the bench are the back of the crib. I also used Gorilla Wood Glue between the boards.
5. I found some cute moulding to put on the back of the bench to add a little more interest. And I bought some rope moulding for the bottom of the seat apron. Then I attached the seat to the crib using L-brackets I also found at Home Depot.
6. Then I primed the bench using spray-on wood primer.
7. After the primer had dried overnight, I was ready to paint! DecoArt sent me some patio paint to try. It can be used on concrete, wood or metal and is great for things that are going to be exposed to the elements. I used the “Wrought Iron Black” color. To apply it I used a big bristle brush that could get in all the nooks and crannies. I put two coats on the bench and let it dry.
8. Then to accent the wood details on the moulding, I decided to use a glaze over the top. I took some “Dark Eucalyptus Green” DecoArt Patio Paint — which is really more of a pretty teal color. I put about 2 ounces in a plastic cup and mixed it with water-based glaze from Home Depot. Then I brush that combination on the bench and iped it back off with a rag.
My assistant helped me with this stage — she did a great job!
I think I’m going to look for another old crib and make a matching one for the other side of the porch!
It was my first big foray into the world of power tools.

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