Beachy-ish Subway Art Sign {using the Silhouette}

23 Jun
To celebrate the exciting Silhouette Giveaway that’s going on now, I am sharing a project each day this week that was created using the Silhouette.
I’m working on my bathroom remodel right now, it’s going to be a Board and Batten room with beachy colors. So I thought it would be fun to make some Beachy art to do in that room. 
I chose this phrase because I think it’s so true — your day will go better if you start it off with a smile!
I took a sheet of MDF from Home Dept and cut it in half. I also found some interesting trim molding and brought that home.
I painted the board a turquoise color using DecoArt — Spa Blue. Then I used DecoArt — Mississippi Mud and mixed it with their Glaze and painted over the turquoise. It gave it a kind of beachy look.  I also painted the molding. Then I mitered the edges of the molding and attached them to the MDF board using Gorilla Glue. Instead of clamps, I taped down the molding using painters tape.
Once it was dry, I decided that it needed another layer of paint. So I took the ceiling that I am going to paint my bathroom ceiling — Martha Stewart — Blue Fir, and painted a layer over the whole frame. Once that dried, I sanded some of the paint off so that they undercoat of turquoise would come through and it would look a little weathered.
Then I used the Silhouette and cut out some letters that were 4-inches high using their Ariel font. I cut those out and transferred them onto the Transfer Paper. Then I applied the letters to the board. 
The last thing I did was add a little flower embellishment. I took a strip of leftover fabric about 2 inches wide by 12 inches long, sewed a seam down the middle using my widest stitch — it automatically gathers. then I cut out two circles of burlap, one a little larger than the other. Then I frayed the burlap and hot glued those layers together. Then I hot glued the gathered fabric to the outside edge of the burlap in a circle and then added a paper scrapbook flower. Now I have a little beachy sign to go in my new bathroom!


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