Dinner Dilemmas Solution: Meal Planning Giveaway!

27 Jun
Welcome to Dinner Dilemmas – a forum where we share ideas and recipes to help solve our Dinnertime Dilemmas! Today I’d like to introduce you to my friends Emily and Cammie — aren’t they cute?
 Emily and Cammie are sisters-in-law, and best friends who love to save money. They started a really cool meal planning system called Pocket Full of Posies that will help you save money and time at the grocery store and the frustration of trying to decide what to make each week. This is how it works:
First of all you get a great organizer to keep on your fridge or somewhere in your kitchen.

 The organizer has a pocket for each week of the month. You also pick which recipe pack you want and you receive 40 Recipes, 8 Ingredient Lists and How To Instructions.
recipe package 1
recipe package 2
 And, if you are trying to lose weight, they have a Recipe Pack for that:
under 300 cal pack pic
They even have a crockpot package:
 They also have a great video on how the system works HERE.
Why the System Works
Planning meals ahead saves time, saves money, and keeps your family consistently fed.
Why the pocket system saves time:
1. All of your recipes are in one place; no need to spend hours searching through dusty old cook books, trying to make a meal plan.
2. Your grocery list is 75% complete.

Why the Pocket System saves money:
1. Because the meals are planned for the month, there is no need to stray from your grocery shopping list each week.
2. Each recipe pack contains 1-2 extremely low cost meals for the week.

Why the Pocket System keeps your family consistently fed:

 1. If you follow the Pocket System and grocery shopping each week, you will have all necessary ingredients to make each meal.
2. The meals are planned, there’s no excuse to not cook!

Wouldn’t this make a great gift for a busy mom?

 Emily and Cammie are giving away 
A Complete Monthly Meal Planning System 
to one of YOU!
Here’s how to Win:
1. Go over to Pocket Full of Posies and see what Packages they offer. What would work best for your family? Let me know in comments. one comment.
2. Leave a comment on the Pocket Full of Posies Blog or Follow it. There are great recipes and tips posted that can help you with your meal planning. They also have Freebie Fridays with all sorts of great printables. one comment.
3. Fan Pocket Full of Posies on Facebook. one entry.
4. Tweet or Facebook about the giveaway. one entry each.
Good luck!
If you would like to go to the Dinner Dilemma Forum and check it out or add your favorite recipe or tip — click HERE.

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