I Finally Made One!!

30 Jun

Do you know how long I have been lusting after a Camera Strap Cover? I have tried to win one so many times. So when I saw that Kari @ Ucreate’s Craft Challenge this month was –– Char @ Crap I’ve Made’s Camera strap — I was all over it!

Of course, I waited until the last second to actually make mine — surprise, surprise! You probably know that I have really just started learning to sew. I got my first real sewing machine last year for my birthday. I’m having such a fun time learning, but for some reason making a Camera Strap sounded so intimidating to me.

Char’s tutorial is great – you should check it out. I was over at my mom’s house yesterday and decided to make it at the last second. And of course she didn’t have any ironable Fusible Interfacing (I left mine at home), so I improvised and used non-iron interfacing. I also decided to make mine into a Camera Strap Cover instead of replacing the strap that I have. I was afraid I would totally mess it up and then I wouldn’t have a strap at all – lol. So check out Char’s tutorial for how to make yours into a cute Camera Strap.

I followed Char’s instructions, but did a few things differently to make mine into a cover:

1. Measure your strap, cut a piece of material that length plus 1 inch and then double the width. So mine was 2 inches in width by 22 in length — so I cut my material out to be 4 inches in width by 23 inches in length.

2. Cut out the interfacing to be the same length as your strap and double the width.

3. Then I cut out the ruffle and sewed the edges just like she did.

4. Then I hemmed the edges of the length of material, sewing the interfacing onto my material at the ends.

5.  I flipped the material inside out and ironed a seam down the middle so it would lay flat as I sewed.

6. Then I sewed the edges together – creating a tube.

7. I turned the tube inside out, which is really right side out. Then I cheated by using liquid stitch to glue the ruffle down to the strap cover. I’m a cheater, I know!

8. The last thing I did was make a flower for one side. I took a piece of the same material { 2 inches in width by 6 inches in length} as the cover sewed the edges and then made a long stitch down the middle to ruffle it. Then I did the same thing to a polka dotted piece of material. I liquid stitched this to the strap too, making a circle with one material on the outside and the other in the inside. Then I took a button cover and used  a scrap of material to cover it. I gorilla glued that on.

{Believe me — there are so many great Camera Cover strap tutorials out there. Mine is just the easiest thing I could think up.} Some other ones you might like are: Sheryl’s, Meg’s, Cheryl’s,Tiffany’s, Ashley’s, Amy’s.

Now I can finally feel like I fit in with the cool kids – lol! And, check out Kari’s Create With Me craft challenges –– she has a different one each month. At the end of the month you send her a picture of your version of the challenge and she publishes it on her super cool blog. So fun!

My bathroom redo is almost done!!
Have a wonderful night!

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