Guest Project: Bandanna Dress Tutorial

2 Jul
First I want to thank Jennifer for this nice opportunity! It is so kind of her to help the blogsphere like that!

So most of you doesn’t know me or my little model yet; My name is Andréann and I’m a stay-at-home mommy of a little monster energetic 2 year old, expecting a new human being for mid-august. I have many passions but they pretty much all resolve around craft and creating. With me being at home and the Boyfriend studying full time, I don’t have the money to buy some fancy designer fabric…And honestly, I love to create with fabric I find or transform blah hand-me-down into lovely stuff (Thanks mom for all those XL t-shirt!).

I’ve started blogging around a year ago while I was looking for ideas to decorate my daughter’s room. Now I’m hooked and found sewing blogs on the way! I used my grand-ma’s very vintage sewing machine until my mom had pity and bought me a new (basic) one. My blog, Aux demilunes, is to mark all my experiences with it, and some other random stuff. I also hold another blog that is just playfood (Playing with your food) with the intention to make every single eatable items into felt for my daughter! (I’m almost halfway there!)

So, when Jennifer announced she wanted to share her blog, I’ve jumped into the occasion! What I’m presenting to you is really really easy a toddler dress.
I’ve been sewing cloths for my daughter for about 3 months now; So believe me it is simple!

My daughter loves it as it is so fluffy and comfortable, really lightweight on those warm day! (Or your somehow really HOT apartment that never cools down…)

What you’ll need:

One average size bandanna (new or used)
elastic thread
matching color thread
Option 1: an old t-shirt & a size 2 top for reference
Option 2: a tank top if you’re lazy

*I guess you can use more bandannas for an older children, and using 1 bandanna for younger ones will make a more puffy dress!

Option 1 (option 2 can skip this part)

Refer to your size 2 top you have, or take measurement of your daughter.
I made this all purpose template out of a tank top. Cut 2 pieces.

Cut a rectangle the same length and wight than your top.
If you have a serger, you don’t need to put some extra ¼”, but I don’t so I did.

Now option 1: A) Make two straps

The ones for the black dress were about 2″ wide and long enough to knot on the back of the neck (the longer the better I guess)

Fold strap strip in half and sewn all the way, than flip in inside out x2
(I hate that part as well!)

option 1:B) Use ribbons, lace, shoelace, or plaided strips of your fabric, or anything coming to your mind (try not to use something itchy though!)

Place your chosen strap about 2-3″ apart on one of your top piece, put the second piece over and pin the top.

Sew the top part, flip over.

Sewing the back

Now if you never used elastic thread, it is very, very easy, and once you start you want to use it everywhere!

Basically you hand roll some of the elastic thread on your bobbin, not to tight not too loose. You can google “How to shir/smock” if you want visual how-to’s.

Set your machine to its longest stitch, with the straight stitch

Fold twice if you don’t have a serger, or serge one long side of the triangle
(Place you label if you have one! hehe)

Place your fabric right side up. So you matching thread gets on top.

I’ve only shirred 6-8 rows, but you can shirr it all.

Should give you something like that:

Now pin the back piece to the front and sew. (Don’t forget to change your bobbin to normal thread…)
I sew 1 straight stitch + 1 zigzag. Do that with the other side.

Flip over.

Option 2: Using a tank top.

Refer to a top or template to cut the length of your top.

I used one of my tops so I’ve shirred the back and shorten the width of it.
You can skip the shirring part if you use the right size top.

Shamelessly rip the previous label of and place yours 😉

Cut the spaghetti strap and tie.

Bottom part

Cut your bandanna in half so it makes rectangles

Set your machine to the longest stitch, sew the unfinished side, gather.

With your top facing up and right, pin the first half of bandanna. Leave about an inch unpined. Sew.

Pin the other half around and overlap about an inch on the other top.

Flip and you’re done!

It really takes no time, even less when you’re doing your 5th!

They cost me nothing and fits my daughter perfectly. She seems to like running around in them…

..Or watch the neighbor’s dog.

If you ever try making one, I’d be really really pleased to see and will show my little gang on my blog 🙂

Also don’t be shy to drop by for a visit! (I’ll make you some tea!)

Again, thanks Jennifer for the little guest spot!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Thanks Andréann! I want one of those Bandanna Dresses for me – lol! Adorable project. Here is a button for sharing your tutorial with us! 
Check out her blog Aux demilunes for more wonderful ideas like:
 Have a Fantastic Friday — and if you are in the U.S. a safe 
Fourth of July Weekend!
The Weekend Wrap Up Party starts tonight at 8 PM 🙂

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