Super Easy & Cute T-Shirt Refashion

6 Jul
This is easily my favorite and easiest t-shirt refashion that I have tried so far. All it requires is a needle and thread – no machine!
I started with two clearance t-shirts from Forever 21 {$2/ea.}. I used the second t-shirt to make the flowers. But you can use leftover fabric for the flowers and then you only need one shirt.
I made a sketch of what I wanted the t-shirt to look like.
Then I used my circle template to cut out some circle forms.
I made four sizes of circles, ranging in size from 4 inches in diameter for the largest to 2 inches in diameter for the smallest.
I cut out squares of material and then stacked the squares under the template and cute them all out at once — saves a ton of time!
I cut out:  9 ex. small (2 inch), 11 small (2.5 inch), 5 medium (3 inch), 3 large (4 inch).
 Then I laid the circles out on the t-shirt — the way it looked in my drawing. I layered the circles — two circles for each flower and three circles in a couple near the center of the t-shirt. I pinned the flowers in place.
Then I made the flowers. I folded the circles in half.
And put three stitches through the back, then I unfolded the circle and folded it in half the other way and did the same thing. This gives the flower more dimension. Then I put the needle through the center of the flower, up toward me and attached a matching bead (found them at Michaels Crafts). I threaded between 3-7 beads in the center of each flower. I didn’t want each flower to be exactly the same. When I got all of the flowers sewed on, I tried the shirt on and if the flowers flopped around too much, I put a couple of extra stitches in the edges of the flowers to keep them in place.
 Super easy and the beads add a little bling. Kind of fun with a pair of capris for Summertime! I am frantically running around getting projects ready to go on Studio 5 on Thursday. I am going to be doing a segment on Subway Art!! I can’t wait to show you the subway art projects!!!
Updated to add: When washing your shirt, turn it inside out and wash it on delicate. Then while wet, turn it right side out and lay on a flat surface. Arrange the flowers so they are flat and air dry.

Have a Happy Day!


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