Summertime Subway Art project

13 Jul
I spent last week getting ready to go on Studio 5. I was so excited to do a demonstration on one of my favorite projects — Subway Art!
I had some “craft fails” getting ready, {and a meltdown — shhh, don’t tell} but I persevered, finished my projects and had a wonderful time on the show! One of the projects that I made was a “Summertime” version of Subway Art! It actually ended up being one of the fastest projects that I did last week.
I started off with this picture — I got it at a garage sale for $2. I took it apart and spray painted the frame white. Then I took a think piece of MDF that I had laying around and cut it to the size to fit inside. I spray painted the MDF board a cherry red — the color reminded me of picnic tablecloths.
 I used my Silhouette and it was a dream. First I made a list of words that I associate with Summer — like popsicles, fireflies, BBQ’s, etc. Then I used the Ariel font on the Silhouette in three different variations — regular Ariel, Ariel Narrow and Ariel Bold. I also used different sizes of each font. 
Then I printed them out and cut each word out. then I laid all of the words on the board to see where they would fit best.
I used “transfer tape” to transfer the vinyl from the print out page to the board. This is the same kind of stuff that is on the back of the vinyl you order from a vinyl store. It’s kind of see-through and sticky. It makes it so that when you transfer the words, they stay straight. Wonderful invention!
I also found some cool stuff at the craft store — fabric on foam with adhesive backing. I tried to cut the word “Summer” on this medium using my Silhouette. It was so thick that the Silhouette couldn’t cut all the way through it, it cut about half way through it. So I cut that word out by hand to go in the middle of the board. I like the way the fabric frays on the edges — gives the board a little texture.
I transferred all of the words to the board — and I left a space at the bottom for a flower. I cut two 2 inch wide by 8 inch long pieces of fabric in different prints. Then I used my sewing machine and sewed a wide basting strip down the middle of each one and gathered them up. Then I hot glued each of the fabrics into a circle, one on top of the other and added a fabric-covered button {I love those!} and used Gorilla Glue to attatch it to the board.
Total time = about 1 hour
Now, if you don’t have a Cricut or a Silhouette — you can still make this project! What you can do is get some chipboard or foam lettering {found at the craft store}. Get at least 4 different styles and sizes of letters — all in the same color. Use a ruler to make lines where you want your words to go, then use the scrapbook letters to make the same type of sign. Easy Peasy!
You could do this for any season — how cute would a Halloween one be? 
You can bet I’ll be making one of those in about a month 🙂


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