Guest Project — Mod Podged Giggle Chair

14 Jul

 Hey Tatertots & Jello groupies!  I am elated to be a guest on this amazing blog today!  I am new to blogging and thoroughly loving it.  I have a blog called Ms Smartie Pants.  I would love for you to stop and by and check out some of my projects.

Friends are the best!  I don’t know what I would do without my friends, but friends who dumpster dive for you are a whole difference group of friends.  My girlfriend saw this chair in the alley by the trash can and rescued it knowing I could do something with it.  As if that wasn’t good enough… she even delivered it and mentioned that she thought it would be so cute made up with scrapbook paper.  Well that got my wheels to crankin’ in this old head of mine.  You can see it was in good shape but not so cute, something had to be done about that!

I gave it a really good sanding and got off that uuuugggllly sponged paint, whatever made us think that was cute??? Anyway then I gave it several fresh coats of white spray paint, sorry no pic, visualize. I wanted to change it up so it wouldn’t look like your basic school chair so I drilled wholes in the back with a 1/2 in drill bit.

Then I took scraps of fabric and tore them into strips.  I tied 3 or 4 in each whole. I did this all across the top and on different places on the chair.  I love the texture it adds and think any little girl would love the feel of it.

I mod podged different scrapbook papers on and put about four coats to make sure they don’t peel up.  I don’t spend alot of time on this I didn’t want it to be all perfect and I am NOT a measurer!

 I wanted to add some more whimsy and so I started to think about little girls and what they like to do and came up with the idea to add some words that describe some of my favorite things about little girls.

See “giggle& play”….

and dance.  I think I need to add more.  I just used different scrapbook stickers I had and mod podged over those too!

Here is the finished piece.  I just love it!!! It will be perfect for my niece’s playroom.
Jen thanks for spotlighting me today!  Blog love to you!!!

Thanks Laura – I love that giggle chair!! Here’s a button for sharing it with us! Laura has only been blogging for a couple months, but she already has posted some wonderful projects like: 
{Planted Chair}
{Turn a Vase into a Lamp}
{Paper and Mod Podged Fruit}
So — go give Laura some comment love and welcome her into this wonderful blogging world at Ms. Smartie Pants!
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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