Guest Project — Quick, No-Sew Headband Idea

21 Jul

 Hi! I’m Mique from 30days and when Jen put out the call for willing people to guest post, I jumped on it. I have been an admirer of Tatertots and Jello and even got Jen to post for my Funner in the Summer series. In real life I’m a stay at home mom to 3 crazy kids and when I have down time I post my ideas and those that I’ve found online at 30days.

Today I wanted to share a quick, no sew headband idea. What could be better when you’re feeling kinda frumpy than a little hair accessory? And it’s super fast.

To get started, you will need the following:
(forgive the pics, we’re in the middle of having flooring put in and paint done in my house- which is exciting- but doesn’t create great areas for tutorial backdrops 😉

less than 1/2 yd of felt
scrap of fabric
embroidery thread
glue gun

To start off, I cut a 2″ by 1 1/2″ rectangle with my felt.
Using my scissors I rounded the corners.
I just “eyeballed” it.
So it looks like so:
Next I placed a button on the felt
and sewed in on with my needle and thread.
If you want, you could use your glue gun
for this part too. I just like the look with the thread. 

Arrange your buttons all mish mashed
and however you want.
Continue to stitch them on.
This is what the back looked like
when I was done:
I cut a slightly larger piece of white
felt and then laid my scrap fabric
on it and cut it out.
And then I just glue gunned it in place.
You could sew it with your sewing machine too.
Next I put glue on my original felt
(with the buttons) and glued it to the second, bigger piece.
And this is how it looked:
Then I made a line with glue
on the back:
And placed my headband on it
making sure to kind of wrap the ends ups it.
You could also use an elastic headband.
The plastic ones work better for my daughter
so that’s what I used.
Next I made another line of glue
and covered that line with one
more square of white felt.
It just makes it look finished.
And you’re done:
Easy peasy. And cute to boot. 😉

Doesn’t she just look thrilled to be having her pic taken?

Thanks again to Jen for letting me guest post today.
Stop by and say hi over at 30days!

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 Thanks Mique for sharing such a fun, cute idea with us! Here’s a button for you 🙂 If you haven’t been over to Mique’s blog — 30 Days — get over there and check it out! It is fantastic. She just had a Funner in the Summer series that had tons of great ideas. Plus, she has wonderful projects and ideas all the time, like:
 {Teacher Gift Card Appreciation Idea}
 {Summer School Chart}
 {Yummy Recipes}
PLUS — she features great projects and has really fun giveaways too! 
You will love 30 Days!!!
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!

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