Guest Project — Applique Tote Bag!

29 Jul
Hi! I am Missy from The little Green Bean. Jennifer from Tatertots and Jello has allowed me to do a guest post today and I am so excited! Thank you Jennifer! 
I like to do about any type of craft. I scrapbook, sew, paper craft, and I also have a small photography business. I love to re-decorate my home using things someone else might just throw away. I am very happily married to a man who supports all of my hobbies, he even helps me out when I need, from anything to modeling aprons, to helping me re-paint the kitchen. We also have 3 boys who are our pride and joy! 
Today I am going to share a tutorial with you on making an appliques tote bag.
I like to make things that are unique and I use all my own patterns. So here goes! 


Step one is to gather your fabric choices, I love to use scraps for this project.
Once you have your fabric for the applique design, iron each piece onto heat and bond, let cool.

Now, you can either create your own design, or use something like a cricut to help you out. I used the cartridge walk in my garden, and selected the leaf design for this project. You will want a fresh cutting mat and a new blade for cutting fabric for the best results.

I cut 2 leaves of each fabric, 1 1/4, and 2 inch leaves. I used 6 different pieces of fabric. 
Once you have all your pieces cut, peel the paper backing off of them and place on your front tote piece.
My tote is made from a sold medium weight fabric. I cut the pieces 12 x 13. 2 for the outside and 2 for the inside. Iron applique pieces in place. 
Once Ironed on, you are ready to sew them in place. I use the embroidery stitch on my machine, but any stitch will work for this. 

Once all the petals are in place, you can sew the stems. I free hand this, but you could lightly draw your line with a pencil. I also like to make random line stitches all over the front of the bag. 

I then apply fabric circle to the ends of all the other stems, and sew a button in the center. 
The applique part is done, you can do as much or as little as you would like. 
Now I assemble the tote, again, this is all up to you. I like pockets, so I add a back pocket, an inside zipper pocket and extra inside pockets for phones, lipstick, etc. This is all up to you. 

I cut an apply more of my coordinating fabric to the top edges of all 4 pieces. Make sure to line with a heavy weight interfacing, and sew the front and back of the outside together. For the lining, apply all your pockets, top edge, and again sew the front and back together, wrong sides facing each other. You will want to leave a 6 inch opening at the bottom of the lining to turn when finished. 
This is also where you add your straps. Pin them into place on the outside front of bag. With wrong sides together, sew the inside to the outside at the top edge. Turn right side out, then sew opening shut. 

Add a top stitch to the outside edge if desired. And you are done! 

You now have a fun new tote bag all your own design! 
Thanks for checking this out, now be sure to stop by my blog and see some of the other fun things that I like to do! 
That bag is adorable Missy! Thank you so much for sharing it with us 🙂 I discovered Missy’s blog a few months ago and was hooked. She can decoratie, she can cook, and boy can she sew!!! You will be amazed at her talent!

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Ah-Mazing Projects – You will love Missy’s blog! 
Thanks again Missy!
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