Crown Swap — I feel like a Princess!

1 Aug
 A few weeks ago I signed up to participate in a really fun crown swap hosted by my friend, the sweet and talented Molly @ Fleur De Bee
And right before I left on my trip a big, beautiful package arrived!!
I opened the package up and was amazed at the beautiful goodies inside. My partner — Christine @ A Work In Progress sent me the most amazing treasures. Look at this crown — it is beyond beautiful and she made it herself! Wow – I still cannot believe it.   The inside is BURLAP and look at the craftmanship. It has this gorgeous brooch on the front and the bottom of the crown is metal and it looks like she welded to attain the correct shape. Plus sparkles and jewels on the bottom. 
It is stunning.
And it came in a beautiful decoupaged box with a tassel on top. Then I discovered this beautiful necklace in an amazing crown jewelry box. I love the colors and it has a crown inside the pendant. SO pretty!
And this colorful bucket with the cutest vinyl crown, plus a beautiful jewel and a crown purse hanger!
And that’s not all. There was also this little white cloth crown sack and inside were crown cookie cutters, sprinkles and frosting — perfect for those cookie tiaras that the girls and I can make!
Thank you so much Christine for all of these wonderful goodies. 
I am so amazed and thrilled and in awe. 
 Thank you Molly for putting the swap together!
It was great fun getting to know Christine!
She is amazingly talented!!!

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