Guest Project — How to Make the Easiest Project Ever!

4 Aug
Hi all you Tatertot and Jello readers! 
I am so excited to be here today to show you how to make the easiest project EVER!!!
Seriously, all you people out there that are too scared to do a DIY project…
This is the one to start you out.
Here is all you need.
A glue gun
spray paint
a butter knife
picture frame with glass
fabric of your choosing
dry erase markers
I know the butter knife is weird but it will make sense in a minute.
I found this picture frame of my now 4 year old when he was 3 month old.
I call him Wild Man.

Take the picture and glass out, then spray paint that frame to whatever color your little heart desires.
Then while the frame is drying take the back of the picture and get whatever fabric that tickles your fancy.
I used burlap, just because that is what I had laying around.
Get your glue gun and glue the baby on the picture back or in my case a piece of cardboard.
Then admire you work thus far.
This is where the butter knife comes in, To put the glass and board back into the frame.
Those little pin things drive me crazy.

That is unless you have beautiful long and strong nails. I sadly can’t top picking mine… so I use butter knives.

Now my friends… you have made a DRY ERASE BOARD!
You see the glass works as a dry erase board!
You can use it to keep up with your schedule so you just may remember to take those dern library books back.
Or you can use it to write notes to your boys.
That says, “Hands belong on the OUTSIDE of your pants.”
I am sure I am not the only mom of boys that has this issue.

But later on it hit me.

You can do make any picture in the house a dry erase board!
So glad I got to spend some time you guys. 
Please stop by my blog and see all the projects that I have working on.

 Thanks Katie! 
That is a cute and handy project! 
Here’s a button for sharing your tutorial with us.  
Katie has great ideas and she has a real knack at fantastic furniture transformations and wood projects!
Be sure to head over to Impatiently Praying for Patience for a real treat!

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