I’ve had a little work done…

17 Aug

I finally went under the knife and got some work done – LOL! 
I am THRILLED with my new blog design. 

A HUGE Thank You to Bailey from B’s {Blog} Boutique who is responsible for me doing the happy dance! She is so wonderful and was unbelievably patient with me while I agonized over every single detail.

I first heard about Bailey and her fabulous skills through one of my BFF’s Amanda from Imperfectly Beautiful when Bailey redesigned her blog {so cute!} 
I immediately zoomed over to Bailey’s site and was blown away by her portfolio AND I was even more blown away with her prices. To say her prices are fair is an understatement. I immediately hired her to make me over!

So – if you are looking for a completely cute and wonderful blog design — go check out
You will not be disappointed!!


I just love the new buttons Bailey made me! I would be honored and thrilled if you wanted to grab my button and put it on your blog. Also, I am still tweaking all of the project buttons and linking them up to my projects. Hopefully it will all be done in the next few days 🙂


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