Guest Project — Throw a Garden Fairy Party!

20 Aug
I’m Elz, my spot of the bloggy world is elzabelz it’s a mixture of all the things I love-family, photography, Longhorn Football, design, décor, fashion, crafts, and party planning. I have lots of ideas but only a little time to get everything done!


I’m so excited to have a guest post here at Tatertots. I love and adore Jen and think she’s just about the nicest most craftiest thing ever. It’s a good thing we don’t live in the same state b/c I would most certainly stalk her down and demand that we become friends. So, I jumped at the opportunity to do a guest post. I had to come up with something really good-this is Tatertots after all. The bar has been raised. I thought about a number of projects I have in my To Do list. Then, it hit me! Party crafts. You see, I love planning my girls’ birthday parties. LOVE it.

make adorable fairy wings…
 And Fairy Houses…

festive poufs…

Find a Fairy Story…
 Bake a Fairy Cake.. 

My M just turned four and I had a couple projects that I intended to do for her party that I never quite got around to.
Would that be ok? Jen indulged me so now I can feel like I finally checked these off my To Do list:

1)       Flower headbands: 

The headbands were part of the Fairy Scavenger Hunt. Unfortunately I only finished 4, which was not enough for each girl, so I took the headbands out of the hunt. Had I included it, the clue would have read: Fairies twinkle from head to toe. I see your shoes, but where’s your bow? It was a stretch, but since the girls were mostly 3, 4, and 5, I figured I could get away with it. The headbands are really insanely easy to make and I’m sure you’ve seen various tutorials over the past year. It’s basically the same process for making any fabric or craft flower.


I have a huge stash of  tulle, so I took a few strips and folded it several times to cut circles of varying size. You can also trace a petal design and use that. I simply placed those on top of each other and took a few easy stitches to hold the stack together and attach to the headband.


I then covered up the stitch with a gem and some hot glue. Voila! Fairy Flower headband. I really wish I had done this craft first because I think the girls would have loved them. Oh well.
2)       Fairy Butterfly Sewn Crepe paper garland
 I punched about 5 million butterflies for the party. At first I thought about making a butterfly chandelier. But, that would only really work in one area of the house. So I decided to combine the idea of a chandelier with a crepe paper garland.

I used this on the mantel, but I think it would be just darling hanging over a girl’s bed or on a door. First punch out hundreds of butterflies (or flowers, dots whatever). Then attach each by fishing line/mono-filament to a ribbon. LESSON LEARNED- I would tie the mono-filament to the ribbon at this point, but I would NOT attach the butterflies. It will make your sewing step MUCH easier. I decided it needed a little oomph and got some crepe paper. I kept one piece of crepe paper (the back) flat and placed the ribbon in between the top layer of crepe paper, which I folded to make ruffles. This is BASIC sewing. I tried pinning the ruffles, but that didn’t work really well. I would just make few ruffles, sew and then regroup. My biggest problem was that the butterflies kept getting tangled up and the ribbon would get off-center. You could solve that problem by not attaching your paper cut outs until you finish sewing.
 Once you are finished sewing, tie your cut-outs to the ends of the fishing line/mono-filament. I thought this needed a little something something, so I attached the word ‘Fairies” to the garland since my daughter had a fairy party- but you could use a name, or for Christmas maybe do a snowflake garland with white and blue crepe paper with the word- Believe, or Holiday, or Snow? Or at Easter, use different pastel colored confetti for Easter eggs and add the word- Easter or Spring, etc. I think it would also make a fun 4th of July project to use red, white and blue ruffled streamers with “ America or Freedom.” You could also use this same process-minus the fishing line and cut outs to make a fun Christmas tree garland-just use red and green or gold crepe paper and sew a ruffled garland. Super cute, cheap, and easy.

3)       Butterfly branch decor


 I found a branch while out walking the other day and thought it would make fun party decor. Since I had about 500 extra paper butterflies, I attached a few to the branches with fishing line. I took that extra tulle and wrapped it around the bottom. Again, instant decor. I planned on spray painting the branch white or pink, but I really liked the woodsy feel of the natural bark. At the party, I used lots of glittery decorations, but this one would have been more woodsy and natural. I think that would have been a nice alternative. Again, I think this craft has a number of great applications-Thanksgiving with different autumn colors or again at Easter with little tiny Easter eggs and a white branch-cute!
Thanks so much Jen for having me over here today. I feel like I got to craft with the big girls today! And, thanks for indulging me and letting me finish my party crafts. Stop by my blog elzabelz because the next party is in full preparation mode-what should I  make for a Rock Star Party? Hmmm…..
What a fun party!! 
I love all the great decorations that you made. 
Thank you for sharing your tutorials with us!
Elz has a great blog. She posts great fashion ideas, crafty projects and cool ideas. And I have loved getting to know her better on Twitter.

She is a great friend. She even posted her All-Time Favorite Running List for me!

She has great Friday Favorites — like THIS one about her favorite shoes. And, she is the expert on Project Runway!
She is also a great writer. I love THIS post about The Beauty of Being Different.
And she has great ideas – like THIS one!
Be sure to check out Elzabelz and say hi! 
PS – The Weekend Wrap Up Party is starting tonight at 7 PM {MST} – come link up YOUR ideas!!

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