Guest Project – Old Hutch to Fabulous Beadboard Shelf!

25 Aug
  I’m Charity, and a fairly new blogger.  Come for a visit at All Things Beautiful.

Thanks goes to Jen for accepting me to be a guest on her blog!  It’s really too bad I couldn’t get on here sooner, as I have had too much time on my hands wondering what kind of project I could show you.  My mind was full to the point of overwhelmed, when I finally came to the realization that I just need to pick SOMETHING and do it!!

So I was drawn back into finally finishing one of my projects!  my very first one in fact for my blog.  

It all started with me being inspired by a fellow blogger, scouring my basement to find something to makeover, and I came across this:

It was the hutch for a dresser I bought off Kijiji for my daughter’s room.  Whoever painted it this terribly streaky brown must be controlled!  But I snatched it for it’s potential.  Although I have to say it sat in my daughters room (attached to the dresser) for a year before I got sick of the ugliness and moved it to the basement.  I had plans to paint it white, but…. excuses, excuses…

Anyways, with new hope for this piece I cut it in half on a table saw.  The piece in the front ended up becoming a bench for my kids playhouse.  You can see it here.  I am focusing on the piece in the back now.  I knew exactly what I wanted it for.

I primed it.  I can’t even tell you with what because it was just something my husband had.  It’s latex at least.

I used a jig saw for the first time, and cut the side to make it prettier! 

Then I painted the inside of the boxes blue.  This is a can of paint I had leftover.  I love the cool feel of the colour.

I love bead board as I am sure lots of you do too.  So I had to add some of that.  I used a table saw to cut the pieces to fit the area I wanted.

I glued the bead board on with No More Nails Glue.
I wanted my shelf (I just gave it away!) to have hooks, but I couldn’t find any that were cheap enough for my liking… until I went in the hardware aisle at Dollarama!  They were perfect!  And only $1.25 for 2.

I painted them with black spray paint.  The kind you don’t need primer for (that’s my kind all right!).

See how much prettier they are now!
Then I painted everywhere else on the shelf with just a matte latex stark white colour.

Ta Da!

Now, here is the part I haven’t finished yet, see the white line at the bottom under the bead board.  I have to caulk it so you don’t see the gap.  And besides the fact that I haven’t hung her up yet is also incomplete… but hey, that won’t stop me from taking a few shots of how it will be.

Can I just say, this is no small piece of furniture!  I had to use every arm and neck muscle to hoist this up on my dresser to get a few pictures.  Needless to say it will be secured to the wall into the studs!

So, does anybody have a hutch they feel like chopping in half now?
Here’s a quick peek at some of my other projects, feel free to stop by and take a closer look!
Thanks so much for having me share my fun Jen!  And thanks to all your readers for taking a peek!
Thank you Charity! Beautiful project!
I need to try that No More Nails product! I love the beadboard you added and the hooks. It is wonderful!! 

You will love Charity’s blog. Another project that I loved of hers is her Meal Planner Menu Board:

Be sure to stop by All Things Beautiful and say hi!


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