Guest Project — Vintage Window Wall Decor

2 Sep

Hi there, Tatertots and Jello readers!
My name is Linda with burlap+blue, and I have an Etsy shop of the same name. 
I create vintage-inspired goods for your home and family, such as…
Today, I want to share a couple of ideas with you for transforming salvaged window panes into something useful and beautiful for your home. 

I love the charm and inherent character in anything salvaged…and I also love when I can take something I bought inexpensively and turn it into something worth much more. And window panes are popping up everywhere in home decor lately.

When I was given a few of these beauties from a friend,
I knew I could make something fabulous out of them.

So I gathered some basic crafting supplies —
(paint, scrapbook and wrapping paper, hot glue) and got to work! 
What were my final results? Glad you asked….
This frame was repurposed as a coat hook for our foyer. 
  • The paper backing is a black and white damask wrapping paper from Michaels, and the hooks are basic hooks from Lowes that I hot glued to the painted frame. 
  • This project was easy, fast, and high-impact…exactly what I look for in any decor project!
  • This window pane was created in much the same way as the first, but this time I utilized scrapbook paper instead of wrapping paper.
  • It is hanging over our guest bedroom bed in place of a headboard and is the first thing guests comment on upon entering that room.
The steps are fairly simple, and depend on the shape and lines of your window frame. 

  1.  For mine, I first primed and painted each window frame 
  2. And distressed the second one.
  3. I used tape to adhere my paper to the back of the frame, and hot glue for the hooks. 
  4. After that, just hang securely and admire your work!
I just love how I got two completely different looks from exactly the same window panes…and I love that I was able to take something that just needed a bit of TLC, and turn it into something fabulous that I love having in my home.
Thank you for allowing me to guest post here today and spend a few minutes with you all! Please check out my blog for other tutorials, home decor inspiration, giveaways and more!
You can also find me on twitter and facebook
Thanks Linda! 
Those windows are just amazing – I love them! 
Be sure to check out Burlap & Blue
You will be so inspired. Here are a few other fabulous projects that Linda has made —
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I could go on and on. 

Plus, Linda has great decorating posts and etsy finds.
Go over and see for yourself how fabulous Burlap +Blue is!



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