Laundry Room Quick Peek

2 Sep

As you have probably seen on the blog or Twitter, I have been hard at work redoing my laundry room. It is coming along. I am almost done painting the cabinets. I just thought I would share a little quick peek on what it’s looking like so far!!

Have you ever heard of Cutting Edge Stencils? They make the coolest, big stencils. They sent me their Designer Stencil “Damask”.

For this room, I copied the same Board and Batten wall treatment that I did in my Beachy Bathroom. {**Tip — I used Gorilla Glue Wood Glue underneath the boards on the wall when I nailed them in for an extra secure fit.}

I spaced the wall panels out so that the Damask stencil would fit in the middle. And actually the wall panel is long enough that I was able to fit two stencils on each panel. 

I was a little nervous about doing the stencil. I was afraid that the paint would soak underneath and there would not be a clean enough line. Cutting Edge Stencils sent me a little roller and a foam attachment and if you use these stencils you definitely want to use something like this.

I could not find any repositionable mounting spray, so I taped it up with blue painters tape. And it was just amazing!! I just rolled it over and took the stencil off and it looks great!! I used DecoArt’s Stencil Paint and mixed a little Americana green craft paint in so I could get a bluish-green color to match the Mythic Paint on the walls. The color is called Aquarium Water. If you don’t like paint fumes, you should check out Mythic Paint. It has no fumes and is non-toxic so if you have small children or pets it’s a great product to use! And — I couldn’t smell the paint at all!!

It took me awhile to figure out how dark I wanted the paint to look and by the time I got to the end I had it perfect. So I would recommend playing with the stencil on a big piece of paper or cardboard first to really see how the paint color looks and the effect that you want to achieve.
I am painting the upper cabinets a really pretty off white {actually it matches Heirloom White perfectly}, but the lower cabinets I painted a greenish-blue and LOVE it! Then I installed these sparkly knobs from Rockler!!! SQUEAL — Aren’t they pretty? And they look very expensive, but are actually very affordable. 

I still need to install the lighting. I found a vintage chandelier from New Hampshire on Craigslist and had them ship it to me. I LOVE it! And — it was $30!!! So excited! And just in case you want to see a messy “before” picture, here it is….

{It really needed a makeover!!!}
Sorry about the picture color — I am still dealing with a FLUORESCENT Light – and no natural light.
I hope to have the whole thing done this weekend!!
**Final Reveal coming up soon **
Some other elements of the room that I will reveal are:
  • Painting the Locker Cubby {which used to be a closet}
  • Made a built-in shelving unit to keep the laundry baskets for each child.
  • Of course, painting all of the cabinets {takes a LONG time!}
  • Installing more recessed lights {there are no windows — ugh}

So there’s my update! More coming up soon!

Have a Super Night!

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