Painted Halloween Pennant Pillow Tutorial

7 Sep
{Say that 10 times fast – lol!}

As you might have guessed – I LOVE Halloween! There’s something so fun about black and orange decorations and dressing up every year!

So in honor of one of my favorite holidays, I’d like to share a little project.
**Painted Halloween Pennant Pillows**

I had some pillow forms that I wanted to use. So I took those pillow forms and added 1 inch to each of the sides. {I used canvas because I had made some canvas pillows last Spring and they have really held up well}. I cut my canvas to the sizes I measured. I made envelope-back pillows — so for the back of the pillows, I measure the width and added 8 inches, then I cut that piece in half. This way, there is a 4 inch on each side of the overlap in the back to slide the pillow form in.

Then I made my Pennant Templates. I decided that I wanted to make two different sizes of pennants. One is a triangle — 3 inches on all sides. The other is 4 inches across and 5 and half inches in length. I cut those out.

The next thing I did was I drew a curved line across the canvas with a pencil. On one pillow I drew three lines across and on the smaller pillow I only drew one line. Then I took my pennant and traced it across the line. On the smaller pillow I used the large pennant template, and on the larger pillow I used the smaller pennant template for contrast.

DecoArt makes this really cool medium that let’s you take any craft paint and make it into Fabric Paint. It’s pretty fun! I poured some paint on a paper plate and mixed the DecoArt Fabric Medium in with each color. Then I filled the pennants in with color. I used yellow, orange and black paint for the pennants.

Once it dried, I ironed the fabric to set the paint as the instructions said. After that I traced the pennants with a fabric pen. And sewed the little buttons on each pennant.

And then I applied ribbon trim to the lines across the pillows. I used No-sew adhesive {Liquid Stitch} to put the trim on the pillows. I love that stuff – it is great to use! I let it dry overnight.

I decided to stencil on a little “boo” on the small pillow. And a little decorative flower!

Then I sewed the backs on to the pillows. To the smaller pillow, I made a little ruffle out of coordinating material. I measured the pillow all the way around and doubled the length. I cut the material at 5 inches in width and then folded it over and stitched it with a very wide stitch. Then I pulled the thread and ruffled the material up and then pinned it onto the front of the pillow. The next thing I did was I put the back on top and sewed the pillow together.

Once the pillow covers were sewn, I put my pillow forms in and voila! 
Halloween has arrived at my house!!

Ok – I took them off my porch — but as soon as October 1st hits — they are out to stay 🙂

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