Check it out Tomorrow!

13 Sep
Groop Dealz is going live tomorrow!
Be sure to check it out. 
I love anything that will help me save money!!
They will have deals on:
Health & Fitness
And I found out that they have some new national things in the works 
that will help all of us save $$$$ on things we LOVE. 
I’ll let you know when I know more – it sounds exciting!
Here’s a sneak peek of tomorrow’s giveaway —

Yes!!  Frogurt  — one of our favorite places to go as a family!
We usually hit up the one in Midvale
 They have the BEST toppings!!!
Strawberries, raspberries… snickers, strawberries, nuts, and brownies.

I also love that Groop dealz

 actually records a VIDEO of EACH place that they do “dealz” with!
I LOVE that!  It’s great to SEE what the place looks like that before I buy!
I think that’s such a great idea!!
Here’s their Frogurt Video
Only $5 BUCKS for a $10.00 gift card!
Ooo… and don’t forget to sign up with GroopDealz while you’re over there… so you can get updates everyday on what their “deal” is!


And, if you know Shelley from House of Smiths
and love vinyl at a discount… you MIGHT want to sign up to get their daily email “deal” reminders…
You never know when something you “NEED” might pop up! 🙂


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