{Creepy} Halloween Specimen Art w/printable

14 Sep
I am sure you have all seen the Ali Edward’s Awesome Butterfly Art. 
Genius, pure genius.
 I had one of those nights the other night where all I did was dream about projects. 
And when I woke up I wanted to make a project similar to this but with a Halloween theme. 
So I headed off to Michael’s to see what kind of frames I could find. 
And it was my lucky day — all of their frames were on sale!
I wanted to make this project for as little money as possible. 
I spied these t-shirt frames for $3.99 — I grabbed three. 
I loved that they were deep for 3-D art.
I also grabbed this fun Martha Stewart Spider Punch: 
It was on sale too – I was on a roll! I already had paper — so I headed home to start working.

I decided that I want to use the frames over in case I want to make some different versions of the specimen art — maybe Christmas or a version that I can keep out all year. So I decided to make some removeable frames that I can take out and replace with different ones. I cut some thin plywood from my garage into 12 inch x 12 inch squares. I covered them with fabric from an old bedskirt that I have in my fabric pile. I wrapped it around the frame and secured it using my trusty Gorilla Glue Tape. This stuff is great for securing fabric. 
Once I had those done, I punched out my spiders. I used 6 different papers in Halloween colors. 
I bought 3 frames because I think everything looks best in groups of three – don’t you?? 
 So I needed to come up with two other types of “specimens”. 
I knew I wanted to use a bat shape. 
That was what brought me to this project — the way the bat mimics the butterfly in the original idea. 
There is a really cute bat punch that Martha Stewart makes — it looks like this: 
But since I was being cheap, and since I have a really cool Silhouette machine, I decided to try to use my Silhouette to make the bats. I found out something really nifty about the Silhouette! You can take any image online that you like and transfer it to the Silhouette and then the Silhouette software will copy the outline of that image — and… You don’t have to pay anything to do that.
It’s free!!!!  
Cool! So I did that and cut the bats out using my Silhouette.
Then for the third shape, I used a small circle punch using the Halloween papers. 
Once I had my “specimens” cut out, I made a grid on my computer. Since it was on my computer I could only make a 8.5 by 8.5 grid that was square. Of course, I could have printed off 2 copies and taped them together, but I thought a smaller grid inside the frames with blank space on the sides would be cool.  
So – here is the printable square 8.5 x 8.5 Grid, and here is the printable 8.5 x 11 Grid that you can copy off twice and then paste together if you have a larger board.
I printed the grid off and then poked a pen through the center of each of the x’s. Then I centered the paper in the middle of my square fabric back and poked my pencil through each hole, marking where the specimen went.
Once those were marked, I stacked TWO dimensional adhesive circles together and placed them on each of the pencil marks.
Then I put the “specimen” on top of each of the dimensional stickers. 
Now the grid will work if you have something that’s square. Each grid on my printable is 1.5 inches across. My bats were longer so I had to space them out 3 inches across by 1.5 inches in height. It took a little arranging. 

Now, I attached the specimen board to the back of the frame. I used sticky Velcro squares. I put two squares on the back of each of the frames. Then put the back of the Velcro on top of the front so the sticky side of the Velcro was sticking up. Then I put the back of the frame on top and turned it upside down so the plywood would connect with the back of the frame. I had to do it this way so I could get the center of the plywood centered in the middle. Then I took the back off and pressed down on the Velcro with my hands to be sure it was on tightly.
This way I can remove the plywood inserts and make new ones in the future.
Now it was time to hang the “specimen” art! 
My favorite part!!! 
Here’s a tip for hanging things the easy way! Take a piece of Painter tape, put a thumbtack through the center, then put it underneath the hanger part of the frame. Stand where you want the frame to go on the wall. Put your level on top and make sure it is where you want it to be in the wall. 
The thumbtacks should be pointing toward the wall. 
Press against the frame and the pointy part of the thumbtacks will make holes in the wall where you can hang your nails. It works so great!!!!
The end 🙂
Have a {Creepy} Day!


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