Fall Project — Reversible Candy Corn Bunting!

14 Sep

I love my Ruffled Burlap Pennant, but wanted to make something kind of Fall-ish and festive for this season.

 I thought Candy Corn would be fun since it’s the same shape as a pennant and reminds me of Fall.

I bought some cotton material in orange and yellow and then used some left over canvas from my Halloween Pennant Pillows for the fabric.


  • Orange, yellow and white fabric — 4 inches in width by 50 inches in length (or however long you need it to make the number of pennants that you want.
  • Sewing machine
  • An iron
  • 4 lengths of ribbon — 80 inches each (if you want to do two buntings — 130 inches if you want to do one bunting)

Here’s what I did:

  • I decided how big I wanted my pennants. Then I cut out a template. I used cardstock.
  • Cut each length of fabric — 4 inches in width by 50 inches in length.
  • Pinned the fabric together and sewed the lengths together — it looks striped. *** note – sew the three fabrics together BEFORE you cut out the pennants***. I took a picture of this — but it disappeared…
  • Lay the Pennant Template on top of the fabric and cut out 24 pennants. I flipped it over so that I could get as many out of the material as possible – this is what makes it reversible.

  • Then I matched up the pennants. One side is white, yellow, orange and the other side is orange, yellow, white — reversible.
  • I put them inside out and sewed along the edges. Then I popped them right side out again and used a pencil to push the pointy part out at the bottom.

  • Then I ironed them all to make them flat and give them a crisp triangular shape.
  • The next thing I did was hot glued ribbon onto the pennants. I spaced them out 5 inches from the beginning of one pennant to the beginning of the next. 5 inches of space between each. ***note — you can sew the ribbon to the pennants instead of hot gluing it***
  • Then I flipped the whole thing over and hot glued another piece of ribbon to the other side, so each pennant’s top is sandwiched between the two pieces of ribbon.
  • I made two pennants with 6 pennant shapes on each. If you wanted, you can combine all the pennants on one bunting. I just like the look of the reversed pennants together. 

Now I’m all excited for Fall weather and a trip to the Pumpkin Patch!!!
Have a Great Night!
I’m linking up my bunting and Fall Mantle with The Nester’s Mantle Party
Come link up yours too!

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