My {{Beachy}} Laundry Room Reveal!!

21 Sep

  My Laundry Room is finished! 

I keep getting distracted with Halloween projects – LOL! Here’s what it looked like before: 
Here’s a messier. more recent picture: 
My Laundry Room is the darkest room in my home. It is situated right behind our garage, so it has a firewall on two sides of the room. The other wall in the room butts up against the family room and there is a bedroom above. I found out there was no way to install any natural light. The only light in the room was a flourescent light.
The first thing I did was installed Board & Batten treatment. Have you seen Shelley from House of Smith’s Bathroom? Well she inspired me to put some color in between the panels. I stenciled the walls using a wonderful stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. If you want some tips on Board & Batten tips and how to stencil the walls — I posted about it in my Laundry Room Quick Peek post.
The cabinets were a high quality maple, but the color wasn’t quite what I had in mind, so I painted them. I tried a couple of different techniques. I also decided to paint the bottom cabinets a darker color to ground the room. I painted the walls using Mythic Paint Aquarium Water. {{Mythic paint is a non-toxic, odor-free paint that is safe for children and pets.}} 
Then I went two shades darker for the cabinet color.  Here’s what I learned in painting the cabinets: 
  • Wash the cabinets with a cleaning agent.
  • Take the doors and cabinet fronts off to paint.
  • Prime all the cabinets first.
  • Use a small, foam roller and a small, angled paintbrush.
  • Paint the cabinets with a thin coat of paint. Let dry.
  • Then using a fine grade sandpaper. Lightly sand. Then wipe down.
  • Paint all cabinets and drawer fronts 3-4 coats of paint.
 Another big project in the room was making a cabinet underneath the counter for laundry baskets. And getting it in the room took a few tries – lol. 
 I also made some little plaques for the front of the laundry baskets with scrpabook paper, mod podge and vinyl. I hot glued them onto the front of the baskets.
 I found a vintage chandelier on Craigslist for $30 from an estate in New Hampshire and had them ship it to me. I love how rusted and old it looks. And my FANTASTIC Father in law came and installed 4 recessed lights. PLUS, he put the chandelier and the recessed lights on separate dimmer switches. So now I have mood lighting in my laundry room!!!!
I installed these sparkly knobs from Rockler – they dress up the cabinets and add a little sparkle to the room. 

The lockers are in an area of the room that used to be a closet. We took the doors off and drywalled the opening. Then I painted the lockers the same off-white as the top cabinets. I added a little vinyl lettering on the bottom drawers. 

 And I found some little frames at Michaels for .50 each. I added a little scrapbook paper behind the frames and then printed out some vinyl letters and put them on top of the glass. {I promise my children have names – they are not just numbers LOL}
I originally had a cork board in the room for school papers. I took the board, covered it with wrapping paper. Secured the paper with glue dots and then made some rolled fabric flowers to dress it up. Then I hung the bulletin board on the back of the door. This way there is still a place for papers, but they are not out in the middle of the room. 
{{And this project — FREE!!}}
Above the sink I added a magnet board. I had this board and it started out blue. I added a few coats of glossy off-white spray paint and voila — it matches my room now. I made a rolled flowers and attached them to magnets with a few dabs of regular Gorilla Glue.

One of the newest sponsors of the DIY Club is Design Divas Vinyl Lettering:
 They sent me a cute Laundry Room vinyl decal and I put it on this mirror that was in my bathroom. I spray painted it Heirloom White. I think the mirror mimics a window in the room.
 Whew!! I think that is everything!! 
Sorry for the long post. To wrap up — I am thrilled with my much lighter and brighter and more organized laundry room. I told my friend the other day, I need to install a comfy chair in here — it’s now my favorite room in  the house!!
 If you’ve made it to the end of this very long post — Thank You!!
Have a Terrific Day!!

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