Guest Project — Make a Tie Skirt!

30 Sep
Hey Bloggettes! (and blogger dudes, maybe 🙂
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My name is Laura. I’ve got a lil’ blog called A Pretty Plethora, so named since I have a lot of interests, all of which I like to talk about on my blog. Jen was so sweet to let me visit today and show you my most favorite thing in the world:
My tie skirt!
(please don’t mind my face, this was taken after a verrry looong day at school-I really am thrilled!)

This project is so much fun, and pretty darn basic! The hardest part for me was gathering all the ties. Some are my dads, some belonged to brothers, but mostly they came from the thrift store. Now, thrift store ties are still pretty expensive for this project, so if you can wait-do so until you find an amazing deal. 

So here’s whatcha need: ties and elastic! 
(well, and a sewing machine, but that goes without saying) you gather all the ties (you can calculate how many you want/need 2 ways: 
  • If you want a very full skirt, just get as many as your heart desires. 
  • If you want a skirt that is more fitted, measure your waist, and calculate the width of the ties, and go from there.)
Once you have all your ties, you are going to measure the length. Decide where you want your skirt to sit (for me, it’s my waist), hold the top of the tie there. I wanted the bottom hit my knee, so I measured from my waist to my knee, then added 2 inches. These 2 inches at the top are needed later to fold over for your elastic. Once you’ve got your measurement, trim the ties to all the same length.
Then right sides together you are going to sew all the ties together, and you’ll wind up with a long strip of ties (it will slowly start to wind up, because of the shape of ties). You’ll want to sew about 1 in-1.5 inches from the edge.
Once you have sewed them all, you’ll fold over the top about 2 inches-this is for your elastic. Make sure to keep a gap to run through your elastic through. I’m pretty unorthodox, I just wrapped some elastic around my waist, added an inch or so, and cut. If you want to do a measuring tape, it’s all good (in the hood, yo!)
SIDE NOTE: If you want it to look all purdy and perfect (I made this in high school-I had no patience with hemming) You can fold up a 1/2 inch and make it nice. If not, the insides will fray. This doesn’t bother me, no one sees the inside of this skirt. I’ll understand if you’re a perfectionist though 🙂 your elastic through (to do so: attach a safety pin to the elastic. This will help you keep track of the elastic and give you a guide).  Once it’s all the way through, sew the elastic together, and hide it under the fold. Then you’ll sew up the rest of the fold. Viola! All done. Now you can take some adorable pictures and ‘wow’ everyone! Just so you know, people get obsessed with this skirt. (passerby’s, I mean) I can’t tell you how many people come up and just lift up my skirt, trying to figure out how I made it. 
It’s embarrassing. You’ve been warned.
I hope this tutorial works for you, please stop by and let me know if you need any help,  or if you are going to try it! I’d love to hear stories and see some pictures!
Thanks again for letting me visit, Jen!
 Thanks Laura!!
Your Tie Skirt is just awesome! 
What a great idea. 
Laura is a new blogger and a college student. She loves to share her day-to-day life on her blog. With posts on recipes:
And, she and I share the same birthday. So fun!! See what she got for herself!
Will you go over to A Pretty Plethora, say hi and welcome her to this bloggy world?

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