Guest Project — Make an Incredibly Cool Halloween Wreath!

12 Oct

Hi Tatertots and Jello readers!

Who am I? I am Madigan, the author of Madigan Made. I started my blog this past spring as a little creative journal. I enjoy chatting about my cooking, crafting and decorating projects. (Oh, and the occasional misadventure.)

When I made this Halloween wreath, I immediately thought of Jen at TT&J. She has loads of great wreath ideas. I am so excited to be writing a feature here. (Super nervous, but excited!)

This is essentially a basic rag wreath. But the ‘star’ of the wreath is a skull – a chrome motorcycle part.

I picked up the skull at a flea market for $10.  I have no idea what you use it for, except that it can be attached to a motorcycle. The seller warned me that the screws in the back were stripped, but I did not care. I did not have plans to put this hardware on a bike. I mentioned to the man that I planned to use it for Halloween decor. He looked skeptical. LOL!

In addition to the skull, I also used:
– Black and pewter paint
– A wooden plaque
– Super glue
– Picture hanging hardware
– A foam wreath form
– Scraps and strips of black fabric
– Electrical tape

NOTE: This skull is solid metal. It is very heavy. I had concerns that it could fall off whatever I put it on. So I needed to make sure it was securely attached to the wreath hanger. This is why I put the wreath together the way I did. You’ll see what I mean at the end.
First, I painted a wooden craft plaque black and highlighted the edges with pewter craft paint. I used generous amounts of glue to attach the skull onto the center of the plaque. (Sorry, I forgot to snap pics of these steps.)

On the back of the plaque, I nailed (and glued) picture hanging hardware. (see pic below)
Then, I needed to make the wreath. First I covered a foam wreath with black electrical tape (in case the fabric did not cover every spot).
  I ripped up strips of black fabric about 1-2″ wide and 8-12” in length. (The more random and tattered, the better!) Working from one point, I started to tie strips around the wreath. I tied each strip tight and close to the one prior. I would place the knot of some strips near the outside, alternating with others near the inside of the wreath. If I saw thin spots, I just went back to that section and added another strip. Couldn’t be easier!
I ended up with a black shaggy wreath.
At that point, I needed to hang the wreath and skull plaque together.
I used a thin metal wreath hanger with an end that could slip into the picture hardware on the plaque. (Ignore the holes and marks in the corner. They were failed attempts to hang the darn thing.)

The easiest way to assemble the two pieces was to hang the wreath, lift up the wreath a little and then hang the plaque onto the metal hanger. (Am I making sense?)

Now we have a wreath that appears to have a skull plaque attached to it. But in reality, each piece hangs separately on the wreath hanger.
A simple rag wreath with a little motorcycle bling.
Wow – that Halloween wreath is super cool! I love it!!
Have you been over to Madigan Made?? If not – you are missing out!!
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She also has wonderful decorating ideas, great crafts and tutorials! 

You will want to go over every day 
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PS – If you are local, check me out this morning @ 11 — on Studio 5 — I will be sharing how to make my Painted Pennant Pillows and I have a couple of Christmas ones to share too!

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