Guest Project — 5 Minute Halloween Craft

13 Oct
Do you find yourself looking around at home decor stores or flipping through catalogs thinking, “I know I could do this myself, but how?”  
Saturday Mornings
Saturday Mornings is full of ways to do just that!  I show you step by step how to get the looks you want for less, often with things you already have around the house! 
I was so thrilled for the opportunity to do a tutorial for TT&J and I decided on one that is adorable but very easy.  With Halloween right around the corner, this is a good project if you need some quick last minute ideas!
If you go by a home improvement store, you should be able to find replacement globes for ceiling fans or other fixtures at a fairly low cost, a few bucks maybe.  For this you will want to look for a white, frosty glass, often called alabaster 
Other than that, all you will need is black acrylic paint and tea light candles or battery operated flameless tea lights, which I went with because they were so cheap.
Paint some eyes on, position the candle, and just like that, you have unique ghostly decor!  
So much fun Dana!! I have seen those around and wanted to make some! And what a great, quick Halloween project! Saturday Mornings is full of fast, cute projects that you can do on a Saturday morning to beautify your home!
And these Fall Napkin Rings made out of toilet paper rolls!
This one might is my favorite — 
Thanks for coming by Dana!

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