Hostess Gift Idea — give a set of Hand Painted Glasses

14 Oct
 It’s Thursday and another week of the Fabulous Mrs. Bliss Holiday Workshop! 
I love this series. So many great ideas for the upcoming Holiday Season!
 Today I am sharing a craft that would be a fun, personalized Hostess Gift Idea — Hand Painted Glasses. 
First, you need some glass paint. I used DecoArt’s Gloss Enamel that I was sent through The DIY Club – they are formulated to go on glass and can be washed! I found the glasses at Target — .60/each.
Now you need to decide what you want to paint. Here’s a tip — go for something simple. It is a little tricky to paint on glass since it’s round. I used stamps on one set of glasses. Another tip if you are going to use stamps, use a stamp that has a flat bottom. I used plain, round stamps. 
Another idea, you can use stencils. I used a stencil to add an initial to one set of my glasses. It is helpful to tape the stencil in place so it doesn’t slip around. 
I decided to do a mustache theme for one of my sets. I think the mustache craze is so funny and cute. What a whimsical hostess gift this would be for someone that has young children, or even as a hostess gift for a man — maybe your husband’s poker buddy or boss? 
Personalized with a sense of humor!
And, you can never go wrong with polka dots. Simple, classic and easy to do. I used two different sizes of polka dot stamps. But another idea would be the end of a pencil for small dots, or a larger marker top for a bigger size of circle. 
Other ideas would be a simple flower or lots of small dots like confetti. How cute would that be for a New Year’s Hostess Gift? And if you were really ambitious, you could paint or stencil the New Year on the glasses. Or you could also etch a design on your glasses like these from Peek Keep:
You can also use goblets for a more formal, fancy look! Or a Platter with Holly, or Gifts, or a simple pattern would be beautiful!
Once your glasses are painted, you let them dry for a couple days, then pop them in the oven on a low temperature for a couple hours to set the paint.
 Then fill the glasses with something tasty or pretty! I filled mine with Kisses, but other ideas would be a set of matching napkins or even a gift card to their favorite take out restaurant! See — take out + your glasses = a wonderful meal!
Then you are ready to package them up! I found some simple, iron baskets, I added a matching dishtowel and add some cellophane and you are ready to give them to your hostess!
This project cost less than $5!

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