Christmas Project — make Painted Ornament Pillows

19 Oct
Ok, ok, I know it’s a little early for Christmas projects šŸ™‚ 
I went on Studio 5 last week to talk about my Painted Halloween Pillows and thought it might be fun to make up some Painted Christmas Pillows too.
So I thought I’d share them with you in case you want to make some for the Holiday Season!

Here’s what I did: 

1. Figure out what size pillow form you will use. Cut out a piece of material 2 inches wider and longer than the form in whatever material you want to use. I used canvas for my Halloween pillows, but used colored duckcloth for the Christmas ones. It is very similar to canvas.

***Note — I made these pillows a little bigger than normal because I wanted to have a border around the entire pillow. So I made mine 4 inches larger on the width and the length than the pillow form. And then once I sewed the pillow together, I turned it right side out and then sewed a line around the outside of the pillow to create a border.

2. Now paint your ornaments. I found some different size glasses to use for the ornament shapes. I traced around the glasses using a pencil. I staggered the circles on the fabric. For the longer ornaments, I made a template out of cardboard and traced the ornament on the fabric.

3. I used DecoArt’s Fabric Medium to make the regular paint into fabric paint. I added a few drops to each of the colors and then painted the fabric.

4. After the paint had dried, I outlined the ornaments with a fabric pen. I also added buttons to some of the ornaments.

5. Then I drew a line up from the ornament to the edge of the fabric. Then I cut a piece of ribbon and used Liquid Stitch to attach it to the fabric.

6. I also made a bow out of most of the ribbons and attached the bow on the top of the ornament. I put a glass on top of the bow until the glue dried.

7. Then iron the pillows to set the paint.

8. The last thing I did was sew the back on the pillow. I used an envelope enclosure. So basically, I took the size of the front, added 8 inches to the length and then cut that in half — so each side would have an extra 4 inches of material that would overlap.

For the Larger Ornament pillow —
** I basically did the same thing, except I used a plate for the ornament template and put ric rack across the ornament, attaching it with Liquid Stitch. I also added a ruffle. I made the ruffle 5 inches in width and then folded it in half. The length was 2 times the length of all of the sides of the pillow.
I also made another version of the pennant pillow that I can use everyday! And I added a few rolled flowers. (If you want to make some rolled flowers – check out my Rolled Flower Tutorial). If you want to make a Pennant Pillow — I made some pennant templates you can use!
Painted pillows are a fun project to do with your kids too!! I made them with my church girls’ group and we had such fun! Each girl made whatever she wanted. Hannah put the Eifel Tower on hers!
Have a Wonderful Day!!!
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