$1 Leather or Felt Flower Gift Idea with template

30 Nov
I am always on the lookout for cute, fast, inexpensive gift ideas. I have been wanting to make a leather flower for awhile. But this flower is also really cute made out of felt. 
And it makes a great gift for a neighbor, sister, mom, your hairdresser, or anyone that you might need to give a gift to this Holiday Season! 

There are also many ways you can use this little accessory:
You could even make some paper ones and use them on gifts!!
I made one out of leather and I love it clipped to a belt. So much fun! Did you know that you can buy bags of leather remnants at Hobby Lobby for as little as $2?? And use the pieces to make great leather accessories!!
This is a 15 minute gift idea that will cost you between $1-$2 for each flower and they make great gifts!
Here’s what you need:
  • Felt, Leather or Faux Leather Material (1 9×9 square per flower)
  • A clip (I got a package at the Dollar Store)
  • Glue Gun 
Here’s what you do:
1. Cut 6 flowers out of your material. I made a handy flower download to make things even easier.
2. Cut out two 3 inch x 3 inch squares
3. Cut out 2 leaves of an alternating fabric.
4. Take one of the flowers. Put a bead of glue in the center and fold it over.
5. Then put another bead of glue in the center and fold it over again — so it’s quartered.
6. Do this to all 6 flowers.
7. Lay one of the squares in the middle of your work space.
8. Hot glue the leaves to one end of the square.
9. Hot glue two of the flowers to one end of the square. Put the straight edge of the flowers against each other so that the curves sides face outwards.
10. Take two more folded flowers and hot glue them in the center of the flower, facing up, so you are gluing the straight edge of the flower to the square.
11. Take the remaining two flowers and glue them to the other side of the square. Use your fingers to squeeze the flowers together as the glue cools.
12. Open the clip and slip the square through the middle of the clip. Shut the clip and then glue one side to the flower.

You can add a bead to the center too if you want to add a little color or pizazz!

You can make a few of these for last-minute Holiday Gifts to have on hand. Just wrap each one in clear cellophane with a beautiful bow and you are all set!

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