Guest Post — Make a Story Ornament!!

10 Dec
Hello Tatortots and Jello readers! I am Katie and I’m so excited to be here today from Paint on the Canvas. Jen was the very first crafting blog I started reading. I am absolutely thrilled to share this tutorial with you. 
Story Ornaments-Tutorial

I love this time of year and all the fun Christmas crafts it brings. I wanted to make the special people in my life an ornament that told a story and created a memory. Story Ornaments are ornaments that do just that. My dear friend and cousin Bethany and I ran a half marathon together this past spring. I wanted to make an ornament that she would always look at and remember that day.

Materials for ornament:
Clear bulb ornament
small buttons or trinkets that can fit inside
fuzzy craft balls
Ribbon or string
tag-cardstock and paper

Once you decide the memory that you are going to tell in your story, you are ready to find your trinkets/buttons.
Here are all the buttons that I found to put inside my ornament.

A shoe charm
Music notes
checkerboard flags

Once you have all your buttons or trinkets, open the top of your ornament and place them in.

To add some more color and to make it pop when hung on the tree add some fuzzy, sparkly, craft balls.

The next thing you need to do is add your tag. The tag tells your story. I wanted my friend to look at this ornament on the tree and remember that day from years to come. The pieces in the ornament will allow her to remember but the tag lets others know as well.
Once you have your tag string it through with another charm of your choice. I put the tag and shoe charm on the string. The charm is added to the outside of the ornament to give it that extra flair.

Put your ribbon through your ornament and tie a knot.

This would be great to create a special memory of that vacation you had last year, or the new baby that arrived, your sisters wedding, or the love in your life.

The possibilities are endless.

 Thank you Katie!! What a thoughtful idea!
I think my kids would love getting one of those this year!

It would be fun to make one for each child every year with things inside that really reminded you of them that year. Kind of like a scrapbook of that year!!
Some of my favorite projects Katie has created are
Be sure to go over to Paint on the Canvas and say hi! 
PS — The Holly Bloggy Christmas Celebration starts this coming week. I am hosting a Homemade Gift Ideas Party on MONDAY with THREE giveaways!! More details coming up in a little bit!!! 

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