Guest Project — Anthropologie-inspired Bib Necklace!!

14 Dec

I think I’ll spare you all the mushy details about the admiration, respect and general happy feelings I have towards Jen and the fabulous TT&J blog.  She is basically pure awesome {but you all know that}, so I’ll skip to the real reason I am here today…

To teach you how to make this super duper, crazy easy, Anthropologie inspired, lace and pearl bib necklace.

And this is me, Little Miss Momma {aka Ashley}, wearing said necklace and taking photos of myself through the bathroom mirror {I kinda do that a lot}.

I have a little blog where I like to write about my life lessons as a Momma-in-training {with some occasional crafting during nap time}.

And now, lets make a necklace together:

Here’s what you need:

Beige felt {about a square foot}

Pretty Trimming/Lace

Necklace chain {mine is 24 inches, but 18 works well too}

Pearls or other embellishments

Glue gun

First, cut out three felt circles in the size you want your lace flowers.

Cut one circle larger than the others–this will be the middle flower.

Apply a circle of hot glue around the border of one of the felt circles.

Apply the edge of the lace to the the glue.

Continue this process until you have glued down the lace spiraled all the way to the center. Cut the extra lace and glue down the end.

Glue down your pearl embellishments into the center of your flowers.

Now, lay out the flowers on top of the felt in the shape of your necklace.

Glue down the middle flower first.

Next, we get the chain ready.

Here is the chain I ended up using {not the same as the one in the supplies picture}.

Cut the necklace in half.

Apply hot glue to the back of the flower and lay about 3/4 inch of the chain in the glue.

Repeat the same step with the other chain piece.

Now turn over the flowers and glue them into place on either side of the center flower. Lastly, trim the remaining felt from around the flowers.

And that’s it!

Here is another necklace I made using a similar tutorial {click here}.

Happy Crafting!



Thanks Ashley!!!

Do you know Little Miss Momma?? If not — you are really missing out! Ashley is one of my favorite bloggers ever! There are so many reasons I think she’s awesome — she’s funny, she’s sincere, she’s adorable and she’s honest. Plus she’s so talented!!

 Are these Glamour Gloves the cutest gift idea ever, or what?

This arrangement is such a simple and beautiful idea!

This Funky Push Pin Board is another great homemade gift idea!

And, I loved her “Secrets Series. So honest and powerful.

You will love her blog!!! 

PRETTY IN PINK--White flower ring with PINK filigree band

 {oh, did I mention that she has a beautiful etsy shop? 
I MAY have an obsession with her rings, just saying…}

And, I am so excited to be blogging over at Ashley’s beautiful blog today. I am sharing the Whimsical Felt Trees I made for my family room mantle. Come over and say hi! 

Have a great day! 


 And have you checked out the Groopdealz today??? It’s Brittany’s Ruffle Rings — for $4!!!! Make a wonderful stocking stuffer, teacher gift or gift for a friend!!  

PS — Thanks everyone who has linked up their Homemade Gift Ideas for the Holly Bloggy Christmas Party!! Almost 400 ideas have been linked up so far!! And, don’t forget to check out today’s CRAFT linky party over at Craft Envy, along with more giveaways!!


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