Guest Project — Personalized Christmas Garland!!

15 Dec

I Can’t tell you all how excited I am to be a guest blogger over here on Tatertots and Jello! Such an honor! I am a small event planner who has always had a heart for crafting.

Most of my designs are centered around DIY creations, so Jen’s blog has been a source of inspiration from the beginning.

Here is an easy tutorial to achieve personalized garland for your Christmas tree this year!
Here is what you will need: 
Clear glue stick 
Paper (color of choice, average 5-7 pieces per strands)
Computer printer and computer
Scissors or scalloped edge cutter
Corner punch
Glitter glue
My mom searched high and low for Christian inspired tree garland this year. Nothing out there! This garland was designed through Print Shop with different names of Christ; “Immanuel, King of Kings, Prince of Peace, Savior, Christ the Lord, etc…” The great thing about this tutorial is you can personalize your garland to say WHATEVER you want it to say. You could have it say the Reindeer’s names, it could say, “ho ho ho ho”, “Merry Christmas”, etc… 
 First, design your “banner” on the computer (we used Print Shop but Adobe is also a good program) and then print off your words with graphics. The words are about 2 1/2 inches tall. 
 The words print off as a banner but they will print out on different sheets of paper. After they print off put them together like a puzzle piece gluing the edges together to make one long banner. (We did strands of garland instead of one long garland which makes it easier to decorate a tree. So we glued about 5-7 pieces of paper per strand and then would start another one.)
 Next use your scissors to cut along the edges of your words at the bottom and the top.
Use a corner punch to make it look finished.
 For a special touch, get glitter glue or glitter paint and add some sparkle to your garland.
 Paint the glitter glue on the graphics to sparkle it up!
 And Voila! Place accordingly and you have beautiful personalized garland!
Thanks again for having me! Happy Holidays to everyone!

Thanks Katie!! 
Wow – those paper garlands are so cool. I love that! 
Katie’s blog is so fun. I love her ideas. 

And isn’t Katie cute with her little family?? 
Be sure to stop by Katie Grace Designs and say hi!

Also — check out the third day of the

With more giveaways and a Holiday decor linky!!!
PSToday is the day!! Shelley, Char, Becca and I are at Pier1 — meeting new friends and handing out $2,000 in gift cards. We hope you can stop by!!!   
Bring your friends — we’d love to meet you!!

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