Simple Sewing Project – Ruffle Pillows!!

21 Dec
Is it weird that I made pillow covers to match my Ruffle Trees? 
{Yes, I did. I may have an obsession with Amy Butler fabric, just saying!}

I made these pillow covers in about an hour – seriously. 
This is a fun way to change up the look of your room. 

If you want to make some — they are simple and require only straight stitches:

  • First measure your pillow forms. Add 1 inch to each side for the front. Then take the front and add 8 inches to the length and cut it in half. This way there will a 4 inch overlap to hold the pillow in. 

  • Then make your ruffles. Double the width of your pillow to get a length for the ruffle. I made my ruffles 5 inches wide. Then cut the ruffle out — my ruffles were 5 inches wide and 32 inches long. 
  • Now fold the fabric over so the right side of the fabric is facing in. Pin the fabric and sew a straight line all the way down. Now you have a long tube of material. Turn the material right side out.
  • The next thing is put the seam at the bottom and sew a stitch (using your biggest stitch setting) all the way down the fabric tube. Do not backstitch. Ruffle up the fabric by pulling on one of the strings. Set aside. 

  • Do this with however many ruffles you want. I put one ruffle on some pillows, and a couple ruffles on others. But you could also make some pillows completely filled with ruffles – it’s up to you! 
  • Once the ruffles are done, pin them on the front of the pillows where you want them to be. Then sew the ruffles on the pillows fronts. 
  • Now you will need to hem the edges of the pillow backs. I turned the seams over twice so there would be no fraying. 
  • Then pin the front and backs of the pillows together. Remember to put the right side inside of the pillows. 
  • Sew the pillow together. When you are finished, turn the pillow right side out. Push the edges out with a pencil or something small. Then iron the pillow flat. 

  • Now this is a good trick to make the pillow form keep it’s shape. When the pillow is right side out, sew a very small seam all the way around the pillow cover. I made mine about 1/8 of an inch in width. This makes the pillow sit up straight and makes it so you don’t see the back of the pillow from the front.

  • I also forgot to mention that I used the coordinating fabric from the pillow for each pillow’s back material. So ruffles on the front match the back of the pillow. 

  • And don’t worry — if you mess up the back of the pillow. You can always improvise to make it work. One of my pillows didn’t overlap enough so I had to sew some ribbon on the back to tie so the pillow would stay in the cover! LOL

   I love these pillows – they brighten up my family room on a cold Winter Day!!! 

PS It’s almost Christmas, you are probably right in the middle of wrapping presents. I’m over at Tip Junkie today — sharing my favorite Gift Wrapping Ideas!!! 
Come over and find some ways to spice up your Christmas packages.
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