Make Valentine’s Day Ruffle Balls — PLUS a giveaway every crafty person needs!!

11 Jan
I found some Decorative Ball Forms on clearance after Christmas, so I thought it might be fun to make some ruffled fabric balls. 

**This is a fast and easy project**

I went through my fabric stash and found any fabric that was pink or red.
I ended up using materials I already had on hand, so the only thing I bought was the forms.
And if you don’t have any ball forms — try this trick. Take some plastic bags and wrap some tape around them to form a round shape!
Here’s how to make this fast and easy project:
Take your fabric, cut it into 1.5 inch strips. I didn’t specify the length, I just cut a bunch of fabric and ended up with some left over for another project.
Then I ruffled the fabric. Here’s a tip — set your sewing machine to the longest width and the longest length stitch. Then when you sew the fabric stitch, the fabric automatically ruffles. It saves so much time!!
Once all the fabric is ruffled, it’s time for the hot glue. And I just have to say — I recently got this Hot Glue Gun Helper set. How did I ever survive without something like this for so long?? I have burned myself so many times — in fact I almost always end up burning myself when I do a project that involves hot glue. Plus, the mat protects my work surface so much better.
 And, I have this TERRIBLE hot glue gun. I hate it. It drips hot glue everywhere and I always end up having to peel the dried glue off of everything. Well, the hot glue drips just ROLL off this mat. It is the coolest set. Seriously.
Ok, start at the top of the ball. Add a dab of glue and start winding the ruffle around the ball until you get to the other end of the ball. Easy peasy. Now, your ball may look a little crazy. That is alright.
All you need to do is get a pair of scissors out and trim it up.

So there you go, now you have a festive little assortment of balls to add a little Valentine color to your cold, wintry day. 

And, you can make ruffle balls for any occasion.  
I plan to make some to match my Ruffle Pillows and leave them out all year round!

And guess what???
I have an extra Hot Glue Gun Helper set 
to give away to one of YOU!!
I think this is the Must Have crafting tool. Everyone needs one of these. It comes with 7 pieces that are going to save your hands.
Each kit contains: 
3 fingers
1 craft mat
1 Press Wand
1 Paddle
1 tweezer
You will love it!! Plus – it’s so cute {squeal!!!} And it proteects your hands and work surface up to 600-degrees. Wow – that is hot!!
Here’s how you can win:

  • Just leave me a comment telling me why you need this set. 
and if you want an extra entry: 
That’s it! 
Have a Super Delightful Day!! 
PS — Do you know Little Miss Momma {a.k.a. Ashley??} She just started a new blog

which is really wonderful. It’s a place where people can share their secrets in a supportive environment. Go on over and take a look – I think you will love it!

I’m linking to these super fun parties — be sure to check them out!! 


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