Guest Project — Tea Bag Valentines {with free printable}

23 Jan
Can I be brutally honest here at Tatertots and Jello?

#1. Truth. I’m beyond pumped to be here today!

#2. Coming up with some really witty stuff to write about tea bags is kinda hard…

So far, the best I’ve got is,
“Two tea bags walk into a bar…”

ugh. I know. 


I think I peaked out when I made these little cute(teas)…
Oh Wait! I’m back!

Print. Cut. Fold around unwrapped tea bags.
Glue the heart tags on either side of the existing one.
Done. Done. And cute.

just like your special someone,
your grandma, 
your mama,
the bestie,
and your sisters. 

Whip some up for everyone! Why not?

Just don’t be a tea(se) about it.
Okay. Im done now.

Love you more,



Thanks Erin!! I love that 🙂 
You may remember Erin from this awesome tutorial she did on TT&J last month

#fullpost { display: inline; }

Since then she’s been up to even more awesomeness — like: 

kid fleece scarf
As well as some DIY Projects — like Tiling her Kitchen
Erin is a busy lady — Go over and check out all the things Erin gets done  


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